Costa Rica is a country located in the centre of America. Every year, it celebrates its New Year according to Georgian calendar on January 1.

Celebrations on New Years Eve in Costa Rica

The New Years Eve in Costa Rica is somewhat different from its counterpart American countries, in particularly the North American countries, where most of the people love to move out of their houses and then become a part of the social and street parties to celebrate their New Year’s time.

Contrary to that, most of the natives of Costa Rica can be found celebrating with their families and close friends only. Even if someone wishes to move out to be a part of the big stage celebrations, one might not be explored to many options.

Most of the party places around the country, such as clubs, discotheques, and pubs shut off an hour before the stroke of the midnight. However, whatever amount they offer to celebrate is still intensely gala, with lots of music, dance, eating, drinking, and cheering.

It is the time when people wish to be with their family members, and set off firecrackers in a more personal affair to mark their grand welcome to the New Year. Though, one can find many people doing the same well before an hour or two of the arrival of New Year. Also,

it goes on till couple of hours after New Year arrives. The limited yet splendid fireworks as observed by people do make Costa Rica look like a brighter place of New Year, in comparison to ordinary days. However, the community organized firework shows on New Years Eve are magnificent and majestic, and the best of the many made during the month of December.

The daytime of New Years Eve, as well as the New Year’s Day is mostly spend on beautiful locations, and more preferably beaches, forests, and the beautiful mountains.

Mal Pais, Montezuma, Puntarenas, Jaco and Guanacaste are the most popular tourist spots in and around the time of New Year. The Zapate festival is another popular place to be in on New Years Eve. Another popular attraction on New Years Eve is the street parties of Zapote, and Fiestas de Zapote, an extended six days long carnival.



Traditions on New Years Eve in Costa Rica

If you are planning to be in Costa Rica this New Year, then do make sure that you go through the following lines. There are certain traditions, which are significant in the lives of the people there. Take a look.

1. New Years Eve is a time for putting some extra efforts. Women of the make sure that their house gets into an absolute clean state at the time of the arrival of New Year, and thus, they put in adequate time to sweep every bit of a dust out and away. Traditionally, it symbolizes for sweeping the past evils and bad lucks, and welcoming good luck and optimism in the house.

2. There are many others who throw water contained in a pan over the shoulders, with a belief that it will leave behind all hard and bitter memories of the past, with the arrival of New Year.

3. Wearing yellow confers one with good luck in the coming year, while wearing red underwear confers one with a love partner in the coming year.

4. If one wish to travel in the coming year, then there is a tradition of walking two times around one’s house or walk down the neighborhood street with luggage in hand, on New Years Eve.

5. There is a widely observed tradition of eating twelve grapes on the midnight of New Years Eve in Costa Rica. Each grape is considered to represent for as month of the coming year.

6. With the clock turning twelve, everyone cheers and wishes all those present around. There is a tradition of singing the traditional song of ‘Ano Vejo’ on the occasion, the lyrics of which talk about all what past year left in life.

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