Geographically, Panama or the Republic of Panama is located at the southernmost end of the Central American region. It celebrates its New Year in concord with rest of the world on January 1.

A day before, i.e. on December 31st, all major celebrations take place all around Panama as a part of New Years Eve celebrations.

The Annual Ball Drop on Panama City Beach

The annually organized Ball Drop event is one of the major attractions of New Years Eve. In its short period of survival, it has gained itself tremendous following, with people from far off places of the world visiting it during New Year’s time.

Usually, people love to visit here with families or group of friends, to make the most of the New Years Eve celebrations of this event, which is free and open for everybody. It is organized in Pier Park, along with several other festive activities such as bounce houses, stilt walkers, street performers, face painters, and party favors.

The event draws large number of people, who are also treated with live music performances, as performed by local as well as eminent musicians from across the nation and world. The event starts at about half past five. After some spectacular fireworks show over the Gulf of Mexico at around half past eight, ball drop event officially begins, with around 7000 beach balls drop. At the stroke of midnight, when an 800 pound beach ball drop takes place, crowd present in thousands cheer out loud to mark the arrival of New Year. Great performances, great food, liveliness of the crowd, and the spirit in the atmosphere mutually ensure that everyone ends up having a good time there.

Celebrations on New Years Eve in Panama

New Year celebrations in Panama are certainly not those stereotype celebrations, which one have been a part of year after year. In particularly, New Years Eve celebrations on the Panama City Beach ring the midnight bell of the arrival of New Year in a distinct and special way, with lot of excitement and fervor involved. The scenic beauty of Panama beach as created of its sugar-white sand and emerald sea, do make an attractive background for your snaps of New Years Eve celebrations. This beauty of the place further dazzles the entire celebration spirit. It is a perfect blend for those who believe in partying hard and at the same time, don’t want to land into an over-crowded place.

Vibrant New Year parties are organized in almost all discotheques, clubs, and night clubs of Panama. Most of them are not meant for people who don’t fall in the bracket of adults. With lively music flowing through the ears, and finest champagne flowing through the throat, people dance all through the evening and night of New Years Eve. Special dinners are also organized on the occasion, which usually requires a prior reservation or registration. Most of the party places offer special packages for the evening.

Those with no party options or mood, move out for adventurous options, which are available in plenty in Panama. The most preferred options include skating, bowling, kayaking, sailing, jet skiing, diving, water skiing, and other similar kinds of activities. With lots of spectacular beaches around Panama, one can never get short of these options. Usually, people either move out with their group of friends or with siblings. In some cases, they spend time with relatives and members of the family.

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