The southern European nation of Malta, which is officially referred as The Republic of Malta, celebrates its New Year on the date of January 1, following the Georgian calendar system.

A day before, i.e. on December 31, which is popularly called as New Years Eve all over the world, is the day of major celebrations all over Malta. New Years Eve is an important time in the lives of the natives of Malta, as it brings in enormous amount of happiness and celebration time.

The celebrations in Malta are high on spirit and energy, which justify the title of the ‘the wildest party destination in the entire European continent’ as conferred to Malta.

Celebrations on New Years Eve in Malta

On New Years Eve in Malta, people in huge numbers make a visit to city restaurants, clubs, and pubs to be a part of the community celebrations. Most of these restaurants and party clubs start aggressively promoting and advertising their places and the parties scheduled to happen on New Years Eve, well before the arrival of New Years Eve. Also, they ensure to pull as much crowd as possible to cash in the celebration time, by offering luring packages, and by putting special arrangements of celebrations in place.

With feasting and drinking being an internal part of celebration tradition in Malta, every public party place ensure to have the best menu on the platter for the evening, well accompanied by finest o champagne and wine. During the time of New Years Eve, one gets to see the best of Maltese cooking, which is an amalgamation of the original cooking of the inhabitants of Malta, and those who come out of other place to get settled in Malta. Many of the Maltese dishes are Sicilian or Moorish in origin, and their consumption during significant times such as on New Years Eve, reflect the influence Malta has gained over the years from foreign territories.

Many people have their own house parties, which are by no means less entertaining and pleasurable than the community parties. Good music, fine dining, and the companionship of near and dear ones make it a warm and special place to be in on the very special day of New Years Eve. Those looking to have a comparatively soothe celebrations head over to the beautiful beaches to spend some quality time with close friends and family on New Years Eve. However, irrespective of the nature of celebrations, New Years Eve on an overall aspect remains a family oriented affair in Malta.

Countdown culture and Fireworks on New Years Eve in Malta

The countdown culture is not that old, and for the fact officially occurred for the first time in 2010 only. It was for the first time in the long history of Malta to have any such nature of celebration, and it was usual for people to be over-excited. Expect the same to occur at St. George’s Square of Vallette. With the significant point of midnight drawing close, being a part of thousands on the streets, and counting down the last few moments in concord is simply an unforgettable and extraordinary feeling. It is well accompanied by the spectacular fireworks show which is set off at the stroke of midnight to give a royal welcome to New Year, and to mark arrival of New Year with style. However, the fireworks show is not as spectacular or extraordinary to hold a special mentioning. While keeping in consideration of the fact that Malta hosts International Fireworks Festival, one does expect something unusual and unique, which usually doesn’t come out on New Years Eve.

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