The Dragon is one of the Chinese Animal signs of the 12-year Chinese Astrological cycle. As per the Chinese zodiac associated to the Chinese calendar, the Chinese Horoscope Dragon holds the fifth position. It is the only animal as per the Chinese Astrology, which is legendary.

Those born under the year of the Dragon are honest, brave and sensitive. They are full of enthusiasm and vitality. In spite of sometimes being perceived as big mouthed individuals, those falling under the Dragon are popular, intelligent and perfectionists. They are also self-confident, proud, self-reliant and sufficient.

Dragon and the Five Elements

  • Wood Dragon: 16 February 1904 – 3 February 1905
  • Fire Dragon: 3 February 1916 – 22 January 1917
  • Earth Dragon: 23 January 1928 – 9 February 1929
  • Metal Dragon: 8 February 1940 – 26 January 1941
  • Water Dragon: 27 January 1952 – 13 February 1953
  • Wood Dragon: 13 February 1964 – 1 February 1965
  • Fire Dragon: 31 January 1976 – 17 February 1977
  • Earth Dragon: 17 February 1988 – 5 February 1989
  • Metal Dragon: 5 February 2000 – 23 January 2001
  • Water Dragon: 23 January 2012 – 9 February 2013
  • Wood Dragon: 10 February 2024 – 28 January 2025

Metal Dragons

Like metals, Metal Dragons are very strong, determined and would fight hard for their beliefs. They enjoy being in the company of those who are strong enough to challenge the metal dragons. They are actually the true leaders with many to follow them.

Wood Dragons

Wood Dragons entertain the opinion and views of others. With a strong artistic side, they are innovative and creative. Though having a dominating nature, yet they get along well with others.

Water Dragons

Water Dragons are calm and have the ability to perceive things from the point of view of others. The decisions they take are generally better if well-researched since they involve others as well into this.

Earth Dragons

Earth Dragons are rooted in the ground and are capable of taking better decisions since they act and think rationally. They are level-headed and have a control on their behaviors. They are supportive and love being admired by individuals.

Fire Dragons

The emotions of a Fire Dragon flicker instantly. Their reckless and quick reactions often make them take wrong decisions. When their tempers are in control, they are in their best.

Chinese Horoscope Dragon

Chinese Horoscope Dragon

Chinese Horoscope Dragon – Personality

The Dragon occupies the fifth position in the Chinese Zodiac as per Chinese Astrology. Of all the Chinese Animal Signs, Dragon is the mightiest. It signifies personality traits such as ambition and dominance. Dragons live as per their own set of rules and are successful when left alone. They’re driven, fearless about challenges, and ready to take any risk. Doing things in immense fashion, the Dragons are passionate about what they do. However, this enthusiasm and passion can at some times unfortunately make them exhausted and unfulfilled. They are always ready to help others though they hardly seek help themselves. Owing to the colorful personality of the dragons, others are easily attracted towards them; the dragons however prefer to spend time alone. They have a fast flaring temper.

Chinese Horoscope Dragon – Health

Generally the Dragons are healthy, though at times they suffer from stress, headaches and periodic tensions since they are always taking up risks. Mild activities, walking and yoga would be good for the mind and body of the Dragons.

Chinese Horoscope Dragon – Career

Dragons are true leaders and therefore like to lead than being led. They prefer jobs that are creative. Careers in which those under the Dragons are likely to flourish include manager, computer analyst, inventor, engineer, architect, lawyer, broker, and sales person.

Chinese Horoscope Dragon – Relationships

Dragons don’t prefer giving up on their independence because of love. With quick and flaring temper, Dragons need partners who are tough-skinned. Dragons enjoy intriguing persons. When they come across that prefect person, they would commit for life.

  • Dragon and Rat

The Dragon and the Rat makes up a brilliant relationship. With mental sensitivity, lots of love and understanding, they are headed for happiness.

  • Dragon and Tiger

The Dragon and the Tiger, together makes up for a gutsy combination.

  • Dragon and Ox

Individuals under the Dragon and Ox are obstinate. The give and take factor that is important for any relationship is missing in them. Hence they are not quite fit for a relationship.

  • Dragon and Rabbit

There are many obstacles between a Dragon and a Rabbit that either divides them or unite.

  • Dragon and Snake

The cleverness and wit of the Dragon and the Snake makes them fit for each other.

  • Dragon and Horse

There is a very strong sexual chemistry between those under the Chinese Zodiac Dragon and Horse.

  • Dragon and Dragon

If the Dragons together learn on how to share the spotlight, they can achieve almost anything together.

  • Dragon and Sheep

Though the Dragon and Sheep enjoys a sexual attraction towards each other, yet there are several differences that need to be overcome.

  • Dragon and Dog

The Chinese Astrological Cycle maintains that those born under the Dragon, when goes for a relationship with a Dog, it is a very tumultuous affair with no peace of mind. Hence they are recommended not to enter into a relationship.

  • Dragon and Monkey

With similar goals and opinions, the Dragon and the Monkey together are headed for happiness.

  • Dragon and Pig

As per the Chinese Astrology, the Dragon and a Pig are destined towards an affectionate and caring relationship.

  • Dragon and Rooster

Those under the Dragon, make a wonderful couple with Rooster but only when they learn to work on their strong sense of egotism u.

Chinese Horoscope Dragon at a Glance

Position in the Chinese Horoscope
Chinese Name
East, Southeast
Next Reigning Year
Month That Dragon Symbolizes
Ascendant Hour Of Birth
7am To 8:59am
Western Horoscope Counterpart
Dragon Lucky Color
Black, Gold
Dragon Lucky Gemstone
Yang (Male)
Dragon Lucky Number
Four, Five, Seven
Positive Characteristics of Dragon
Noble, Straightforward, Warm Hearted, Intelligent, Generous, Creative, Honest, Charismatic, Leadership, Vibrant, Magnanimous, Powerful
Negative Characteristics of Dragon
Judgmental, Ruthless, Arrogant, Dogmatic, Proud, Intolerant, Demanding, Pompous, Inflexible
Ideal Career For Dragon
Businessmen, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Military Officers, Philosophers, Engineers, Architects, Managers,
Most Incompatible Signs For Dragon
Rabbit, Dog
Most Compatible Signs For Dragon
Rat, Monkey, Dragon, Rooster
Famous Dragon People
Robin Williams, Tom Jones, Keanu Reeves, John Lennon, Al Pacino, Ringo Starr,

Chinese Horoscope 2019

Rat Ox Tiger
Rabbit Dragon Snake
Horse Goat Monkey
Rooster Dog Pig

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