The Chinese Animal Sign Horse takes the seventh position in the twelve animal’s cycle as per the Chinese zodiac that follows the Chinese calendar.

Those born in the year of the Horse are amazingly hard working and independent. Usually friendly and intelligent, those under the Chinese Horoscope Horse can sometimes be egoistic, cunning and selfish as well. They love taking up challenges and can devote them completely when it comes to achieving success. You would hardly find a horse worried to settle down. They are leaders and good companions and leaders. At times they can be stubborn. Falling in love almost blindly, they tend to forget everything when it comes to love. This often makes them liable to committing mistakes in case of choosing the right partner.

Horse and the Five Elements

  • Fire Horse: 25 January 1906 – 12 February 1907
  • Earth Horse: 11 February 1918 – 31 January 1919
  • Metal Horse: 30 January 1930 – 16 February 1931
  • Water Horse: 15 February 1942 – 4 February 1943
  • Wood Horse: 3 February 1954 – 23 January 1955
  • Fire Horse: 21 January 1966 – 8 February 1967
  • Earth Horse: 7 February 1978 – 27 January 1979
  • Metal Horse: 27 January 1990 – 14 February 1991
  • Water Horse: 12 February 2002 – 31 January 2003
  • Wood Horse: 31 January 2014 – 18 February 2015
  • Fire Horse: 17 February 2026-5 February 2027

Metal Horse

Metal Horses are truly free-spirited and afraid of commitment. They jump from one job or relationship to the other. Owing to this fluctuating nature of the metal horses, they are good as friends and not partners.

Wood Horses

Wood Horses are strong and stable and have a better ability to make decisions. Excellent interacting skills with others make them successful both in case of professional and personal relationships.

Water Horses

The Water Horses are indecisive yet adaptable. They tend to flow like current. Since they can’t make up their minds easily, they are confused. They are fun to be with.

Earth Horses

Earth Horses work hard to achieve their goals, even if that takes long. They perceive things from every perspective, which helps them in making decisions. Earth Horses are adaptable and funny as well.

Fire Horses

There is always a fire within the Fire Horses. They love to live on the edge and are ready for changes always as change is very interesting for them. They are unbelievably opinionated.

Chinese Horoscope Horse

Chinese Horoscope Horse

Chinese Horoscope Horse – Personality

The Chinese Horoscope Horse occupies the seventh position in the Chinese Zodiac. It signifies personality traits such as energy, strength, and outgoing nature. Horses are very animated and love to be in the center of attention. The wit and humor of the Horses, makes the crowd very happy. Very intelligent, horses have the ability to understand new subjects easily. They believe in multi-tasking and always chasing new opportunities. They are friendly, honest, and open-minded, a bit self centered and popular for throwing tantrums when things don’t go well for them.

Chinese Horoscope Horse – Health

The positive outlook of the horses keeps them healthy. They are athletic. Only when the horses are trapped inside that they feel ill.

Chinese Horoscope Horse – Career

Horses don’t love taking orders and would look to change a job when it becomes a routine work for them. The ease to grasp new subjects gives them the ability to handle any an every job. Effective communicators, those under the Chinese Horoscope Horse, enjoy power. The flourishing career options for the horses consist of sales representative, publicist, journalist, translator, language instructor, bartender, tour operator, performer, librarian or pilot.

Chinese Horoscope Horse – Relationships

Horses are spontaneous and fall quick and hard in love for others. Horses tend to give themselves completely in every relationship they are in. This sometimes chips away at their inner identity. Fortunately enough, these exhausting characteristics mellow down with age, thereby making relationships for the Horses stronger and stable.

Horse at a Glance

  • Horse and Rat

Individuals under the Horse and Rat are not destined for a successful relationship.

  • Horse and Tiger

The love for adventure in both the Horse and the Tiger make their partnership a happy one.

  • Horse and Ox

Though descent as business partners, yet Horse and Ox together, are lousy lovers.

  • Horse and Rabbit

Though often involved in arguments, yet the Horse and the rabbit enjoy the company of each other very much.

  • Horse and Snake

Different opinions on the part of both Horse and Snake make it very difficult for a successful relationship between them.

  • Horse and Dragon

Horse and Dragons together are very sexually charged.

  • Horse and Horse

Since Horses are very independent and opinionated, so it’s very difficult for the Horses to find a common ground important for relationship.

  • Horse and Monkey

Those falling under the Horse when paired with Monkey are more successful as friends than lovers.

  • Horse and Sheep

Going by the Chinese Astrology, the Horse and a Sheep can look up to each other for love of a life time.

  • Horse and Dog

As per the Chinese Astrological Cycle, those under the Chinese Zodiac Horse and Dog are destined for a successful relationship.

  • Horse and Rooster

Though endowed with conflicting thoughts and point of views, the staying power of the Horse and the Rooster make them a great pair.

  • Horse and Pig

Those under the Horse and Pig are energetic and laid back. However, there is no one who would make sure that things between them run smoothly.

Position In The Chinese Horoscope
Chinese Name
Next Reigning Year
Western Horoscope Counterpart
Month symbolized by Horse
Horse Lucky Color
Horse Lucky Number
Six, Seven, Eleven
Horse Lucky Gemstone
Ascendant Hour Of Birth
11am To 12:59pm
Yang (Male)
Negative Characteristics Of Horse
Tactless, Gullible, Inconsistent, Defiant, Quick-Tempered, Impatient, Rebellious
Positive Characteristics Of Horse
Strong, Independent, Enthusiastic, Creative, Attractive, Intelligent, Optimistic Witty, Charming, Straight Forward, Leadership
Most Compatible Signs For Horse
Lecturers, Astrologers, Teachers, Military Officers, Entrepreneurs, Spiritual Advisers, Managers, Salespeople, Philosophers, Pilots
Most Incompatible Signs For Horse
Rat, Ox
Ideal Career For Horse
Dog, Tiger, Horse, Sheep
Famous Horse People
Cindy Crawford, Jackie Chan, Paul McCartney, Janet Jackson, John Travolta, Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Mike Tyson, Harrison Ford, Barbra Streisand

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