Are you planning for a New Year eve party at your home? Are you in a mood of throwing a rocking party this year on the New Years eve? Planning and executing a party is not a simple task-it needs loads of planning and preparations and involves some costs too.

You may have to rush now to offer the best party for your guests. There are a number of New Years Eve party ideas, but you have to choose keeping in mind your guests. For example, if the guest list includes plenty of adults, your party idea should be different from a party for the kids. A successful and complete New Year party is incomplete without good entertainment, crowd, food, ambiance, cocktails, and your near and dear ones. If there is any particular New Year tradition or custom in your country, you can celebrate it in the New Year eve party. This will surely enhance the party mood among the guests. New Year party should be decorated with lots of colors such as white, gold, silver, and black. Here are some great tips to organize a budget-friendly, stress-free and fun filled New Year’s Eve party at home with your family and friends:
  1. You can do something unique in the New Year party. Give each guest his or her glass and ask everyone to raise a New Year resolution toast for the New Year.

  2. You can arrange a costume party for the New Year eve. Clearly mention the dress code in the invitation card. You also can arrange a masquerade New Year party. This would be fun, as it can give enough chances to play New Year games.

  3. You can ask your guests to bring one dish each for the New Year dinner. You also can ask them to include their traditional touch to the dishes. This way, you can have a multi-cultural New Year dinner.

  4. How about a murder mystery New Year eve party? You can use a famous murder mystery script for the theme. You also can hire a local company to use the murder mystery theme in your party.

  5. You can arrange for a confession session in the New Year. Give each guest a piece of paper and a pen and ask them to write about their good and bed actions of last year. At the midnight, ask the guests to throw the paper in the fireplace. This refers to throw away all evil forces, which will help you to start the New Year afresh.

  1. You can play cards with the guests. You can arrange for a championship game. If you want to play board games, you also can enjoy it with your near and dear ones.

  2. If you and your guests love dancing, you can arrange for a dancing party. You can hire a dancer of your favorite dance form. If you want to gift your guests a gala time, this is one of the best New Years eve party ideas for you.

  3. You can call a fortuneteller in the New Year party. He or she will volunteer to tell the future of the guests in the party with the tarot cards or crystal balls.

  4. Arrange for a TV and see the New Year eve celebrations of Time square.

  5. Invitation is utmost important. you must ensure that you are not missing out any one you wish to call to be part of the great event. At least 10 days before the party, sit with a pen and a paper and jot down the names of all those individuals to be called. Make sure you invite them at least a week ago so that they do not fix any other program for the eve.

  6. Next you need to decide upon a theme on which the party will be based on. This is important because the entire decoration of the party should be done in accordance to the theme chosen. For example you can arrange for a starry night party where the entire decoration will be done with sparkling stars. You can stick these glowing stars on the roofs and the walls and they will look very beautiful when the lights are turned off! Your guests will feel as if they are amidst the galaxy at night and will enjoy to the fullest. Everything will be having a starry effect like servings will be done on the star shaped plates. The cookies will be baked or the ice will be frozen in the shape of star. You can also print stars on the napkins and the utensils.

  7. You can fix a particular dress code for the New Year party. For example, announce this among your friends like all the men will be dressed in blue and the women must be in pink. See how beautiful it will look when all your friends will be dressed up in a uniform color but in different apparels. Other dress codes can also be fixed as per your choice.

  8. You can choose a metal theme for your party as well. all the decoration will be done in either gold or silver. You will really enjoy the color combination of white and golden yellow to give a sultry effect to the evening. Make sure your guests wear ornaments made up of any one of the metals. You can also gift small gifts made up of gold or silver or give them candles wrapped in golden foils to be lighted as the clock strikes 12.

  9. You can also think of hosting a glowing party. Whenever your guest enter the place, hand over a glowing bracelet or glowing necklaces so that the effect is visible as the lights go off. You can apply the same theme on foods and beverages as well. Use tonic water that glows under the black lights. Ice cubes can be made out of that also. You can use petroleum jelly to wish everyone “Happy New Year.

  10. You can arrange the party on an award theme. For example, when almost all the guests are in, set for an auditorium and invite the guests one by one for awards to be given like “The best dressed-male” or “The most beautiful smile-Female”. Make sure the awards are given with a positive mindset otherwise the guests might feel awkward.

  11. You can dress up as a fortune teller apart from being a host. On the internet you can get loads of predictions for each zodiac and predict the future of all your guests. Don’t forget one simple rule- try to highlight the positive aspects than the negative ones. Everyone will be glued to their chair to listen to what is in store for him or her in the upcoming New Year.

  12. Plan for an extempore contest. Ask your guests to get up one by one and narrate 5 good things and 5 bad things that happened to them in the year that is leaving within hours. You will find people becoming nostalgic and emotional about the gains and losses but feeling good as they are able to share the same with others.

  13. Make the party a game filled one. You can start up with truth or dare, musical chair, or can also arrange for a dance competition for the coupes. Don’t forget to give some rewards to the couple that wins! You can also arrange for some casino set ups which can be rented from locals, which is going to be an interesting theme for all guests.

  14. You can decorate the house with candles only and switch off all the lights. Scented candles can be used for a romantic as well as a festive atmosphere. Make sure they burn longer and do not pollute the place. You can put them in a freezer beforehand, to make them burn for a longer period of time. You can also replace the candles with pink or green bulbs to give a different effect to the entire party.

  15. You can create some innovative themes with food at your place. Cheese balls made up of different shapes will attract your guests a lot. Include crackers, cheese spreads, dips of different flavors, and many more to satisfy the taste buds of every guest invited. Keep lots of desserts in form of pastries, cakes and ice-creams. You must keep in mind that food is a crucial part of any invitation. There must be enough food for every guest and must be served well. Sometimes, you may have some un-invited guest suddenly turning up to wish you a Happy New Year. Be prepared for such situations. Finally, don’t forget to complement the food with some good quality of wine or champagne. You can also raise a toast with all your guests as the two hands of the clock meets with each other in a perpendicular fashion.

  16. These are some of the best New Years eve party ideas, which you can include in your New Year party in order to make it interesting. A grand New Year's Eve party must be full of fun and the creativity must be there so that each single soul can enjoy to the fullest. You must use your imagination so that you can come up with some of the best New Year's Eve party themes, so that your party on the 31st of December becomes the “talk of the town” for the rest of the year. How about that? Will you not feel proud and content by making your neighbors go green in jealousy?