Welcome the New Year in style with a great collection of New Year Party Favors. These New Year party favors or souvenirs will not only touch the hearts of all your guests but will also leave them with a nice memory that will linger all year long.

The best parties have themes and great favors! So let’s create great parties with a selection of party favors, kits and signature favors that would surely spice up your New Year Party.

Party Favor Horns
New Year Party generally consists of large gatherings. So it sometimes gets a little tedious to select the perfect party favor. For such gatherings you can select fringed horns in bright, multiple colors. It will not only liven up the New Year Spirit but also act like an economical and perfect New Year Party Favor.

Foil Top hats

shiny foil top hats in bright multiple colors with Happy New Year written are a wonderful choice of New Year Party Favors. Select bright colors like gold, blue, navy, silver, green and deep pink, with contrasting Happy New Year.

Party Favors – Happy New Year Tiaras

3-D Tiaras in multiple colors with Happy New Year written on them are another great New Year Party Favor. It’s especially great for young crowds. It’s fun as well as stylish. So pick the tiaras from your nearest outlet and set in the mood for rock n roll.


It’s a very old custom to start the New Year with lots of noise and loud sounds. This custom was prevalent to scare away the evil forces of nature. Loud music and noise are still a part of the New Year celebrations.

On this New Year Party select the Metal noisemakers in multiple color combinations as your New Year Party Favor. You can select from colors like black/white, blue/white, navy/white, yellow/white and green/white.


Give a Hawaiian feel to your New Year Party this time. Select Leis as Party Favors this New Year. These flower ornaments can be either artificial or made from fresh flowers. Select according to convenience. This New Year Party favor is a great souvenir for all age groups.

Party Poppers

Party Poppers are one such gift that never goes out of style. The market has a wide variety to select from. This New Year Party Favor is fun, stylish and inexpensive. You can pick up from a large collection. So get your pick today!


Remember your childhood Birthday parties? Blowouts were your favorite, right? Well they are still one of the hottest New Year Favors. The blowouts come in a variety of colors and come in handy for New Year Party Favors. You can purchase them from anywhere.


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