New Year is one time when the entire world jumps into celebration and love to party harder. If you also want to spend the New Year eve shaking legs with crowd, here are some best places in the world where the best parties are organized.

Check this out:

    • Sydney: Due to its location, Sydney happens to be the first city witness the arrival of the New Year. The major gathering of around millions of visitors is a common sight every year in the Sydney harbor to watch the iconic midnight fireworks as the clock strikes 12. The barges of the harbor shoot off the crackers which explode beautifully to give you a mesmerizing visual treat. Witness the traditional rituals performed as the New Year approaches and the mind blowing lights parade where hundreds of illuminated boats lightens up the harbor throughout the night. You can enjoy the atmosphere with a glass of champagne and your beloved nightlong as it is summer in Australia during this time. Welcome the year with the loud firing canons and hope this year brings all that you craved for.


    • New York: If you haven’t been able to make it to Sydney, you can be a part of the grandest and all-time classic New Year’s Eve celebration in USA – the largest of all parties at the Times Square, New York. Almost millions of people step onto the soil of the city just to witness the famous giant ball drop showered with almost a ton of confetti. As the giant crystal ball brightened with over 30000 LED lights, kisses the floor, the year in the calendar has changed. What an “American” way of welcoming the New Year with a bash. Don’t forget also, to be a part of the some exotic musical performances by some best artists in the world, mind blowing fireworks, and enormous food and drink.


    • Rio De Janerio: A New Year party on the brightly illuminated, highly populated Copacabana beach is one open sky New Year party which you will never forget. It begins when stages are set up across the beach for several musical and dance performances by renowned performers shaking their legs to traditional as well as trendy numbers. Get entertained by the carnival atmosphere, followed by some extraordinary fireworks launched at midnight, from the boats safely anchored in the sea. Weather being pleasant, everyone is dressed in traditional white outfits and surely once you are there, you would like to be a part of it over and again.


    • London: How about a tour to the London city for one of best parties in the world during New YEAR? London eye is the where you should concentrate upon to see some marvelous fireworks at midnight. See how beautiful it looks when the crackers explode over the Thames. Thousands of people gather here every year to witness the beauty. Drink, eat and have fun with your beloved and enjoy every bit and pieces of the electric atmosphere.


    • Edinburgh: If you want to learn how to party harder, ask a scot and get the answer as you visit the place during New Year. You will be mesmerized by the beautifully decorated Edinburgh Castle. The celebration is popularly called the Hogmaney and commences 4 days before the New Year arrives. Thousands of people gather here to enjoy good food, music, various indoor and outdoor events, wonderful street parties, rock concerts, folk dances and many more. You must witness The Torchlight Procession held on the day before. As the 12 tolls of the clock are over, you can expect some exotic fireworks and New Year songs sung by eminent singers. Isn’t that a great experience?


    • Germany: The New Year celebration has a different name here but the spirit remains the same. Almost lakhs of people gather at the Brandenburg Gate, during the Silvestre and enjoy the arrival of the New Year with Germany very famous fine beer. This overwhelming celebration is well supported by good food, live music, dancing, massive firework displays, and vintage drinks. You can see that the entire city gets a new life with the advent of the New Year. Just cross the Brandenburg Gate and be a part of the “Party Mile”, which is the 1.2 mile long, open air disco theque. Expect some breathtaking laser light shows, DJ’s, performers and like-minded people shaking legs with you.


    • Las Vegas: It is known as the capital of party and you can calculate the amount of entertainment during the New YEAR celebrations. You can expect some mass gatherings either at the “strip area” or at the “downtown”. The strip is also famous for hosting the world best casinos, however during the New Year everyone gathers at the Boulevard to greet the New Year with a bang. If you have chosen downtown for a place to be, go to Fremont Street, where you can get some good musical delights. The sin city will also let you witness some great massive fireworks, best street parties in the world, quality light and sound shows, and some good night clubs to groove with your partner.


    • Paris: When you think of Paris, plan a romantic party this year with your beloved. You will never forget the experience of holding hands at the Eifel tower, with a perfect sip of French champagne and watching the mesmerizing fireworks as the New Year slowly enters your life.


    • Bangkok: If you do not like loud outdoor parties but are interested in cozy, romantic, candle lit dinners, you can choose Bangkok as your New Year party destination. However that doesn’t mean it has nothing for others. From raving clubs to entertaining DJ’s to firework extravaganza-you name and you get it here. Gather at the Central World Square with several others, for those fabulous musical concerts or light and sound shows and many more.


    • Amsterdam: You can celebrate your New Year eve in the Dutch way by being here. Escape Theater, where almost half of the world gathers during Oudjaarsavond, gives you more than you expect. Spend the night with your loved ones or dance madly at the nightclubs, but don’t forget to be a part of the wonderful street parties and witness the spectacular fireworks at midnight


If you still haven’t decided where to hit finally during the New Year eve, buckle your shoes up because time is flowing. Be a part of the best parties in the world before the current year leaves space for the New Year to rule for the rest of the 12 months.


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