We are sure you want to gift your husband something every New Year that is as unique and special as he is. However, it is pretty difficult to come up with such gift ideas cyclically after each 365 days.

You obviously don’t want it to be repetitive for it spoils half the fun. Also you would want it to be something which he would not only like to receive but also like to retain long after January 1 is over. Here are some gifts ideas that never would fail to appeal to a man. Personalize these to make them one of a kind for your husband.

Remember, these are broad guidelines only. You know your man the best, and would be the best judge of what to gift him that would make his eyes sparkle as soon as he open the package.

  • Personalized Objects – Nothing speaks romance and intimacy loud and clear than a personalized gift. This New Year consider celebrating your romance and cozy liaison by gifting your husband a personalized gift. You can make a desk calendar for him with pictures of the two of you that will bring a smile to his lips even when he is neck deep in work. If your man loves his coffee, gift him a cool mug with his name or picture on to sip his coffee from every morning. Options of personalized gifts are endless, you just have to be a little thoughtful and a tad creative.
  • Tools and Gadgets – If your husband is a D-I-Y kind of a man who is always fumbling with one thing or the other another the house, rewards him this New Year with a brand new tool box complete with innovative gadgets as well as tools of everyday needs.
  • Laptop or its accessories – If your husband is a techie or hooked to the world of the web, he would surely appreciate a gift of a laptop. However, you should know his requirements before you select a model. If a new laptop is beyond your budget or if your man just got himself one, you can spruce up with accessories. A smart laptop bag or a wireless keyboard or mouse or storage drive or a cooling stand would make useful gifts.
  • Colognes and Perfumes – Make your husband’s New Year a fresh and fragrant one by gifting him cologne or perfume for the occasion. The market is flooded with options in various price ranges. You are the best judge of whether he would prefer a musky scent or a fruity and light one. Choose a one that would stay even end the end of a long day soothing his nerves as a sudden whiff of air brings the scent to his nose.
  • Bar Tools – If your man enjoys his drinks and likes to flaunt his bar cabinet when he entertains guests at home, consider sprucing it up by adding a cool gadget or two. It could be as simple as a set of shiny and sleek set of steel coasters with coordinating ice basket, bottle opener, cork screw and cocktail shaker; or something as delicate and dignified as gifts of crystal like decanter, set of stirrers, glasses or bottle stoppers.
  • Engraved Accessories – Gifting elegant or classy accessories for your man will be a firm step in boosting his personal style statement this New Year. A watch or a genuine leather belt or wallet never goes out of style. If you can have his monograms or both of your initials engraved on the gift items, a simple object will turn into a unique and special one. If you are the artsy kind, you may consider embroidering his monogram or initials on a solid colored tie or a set of men’s handkerchiefs.
  • Sports Gear – If your husband is a sports buff or fitness freak, a gear that matches up to his interests would be a good investment that he would appreciate for years to come. Apart from bats, racquets or clubs (depending upon which sport he favors), you can also invest in a good pair of specialized shoe for the sport he plays. Exercise equipments would get his New Year started on a healthy note.
  • Cell Phone or its accessories – The market today is abuzz with a wide range of smart phones in a wider range of prices. If your husband has not upgraded his phone within a year or so, chances are a more updated phone has been launched in the market in the meanwhile. See his face breaking into a broad smile when you gift him a smart phone that addresses his needs. In case he has just upgraded his phone consider buying an accessory for his new toy – like a Bluetooth headphone device, a personalized phone case, a stylus or a car charger to recharge his phone on the go.
  • Books, DVDs or subscriptions thereof – If your husband is a man who likes to explore in this mind, the world of books is something that would allure him. With books he can travel with his mind’s eye, gather information on a subject of his liking or simply spend some gala time. If he is more into electronics, an e-reader would make a great gift for all his e-books. Or you may even consider gifting DVDs for his viewing pleasure. Depending on his personality, you may choose the type of DVD to gift.
  • Car or its accessories – For that special man in your life, in the special time of the year, you probably might get into the mood to splurge. If there’s a new car your man has been eyeing for a while, or if there is a new one on the roads that you know he shall adore, you can consider gifting it to him. If this seems a little beyond your budget, gift him accessories for the car he already has — a navigator, a music system, in-car DVD player, tire pressure gauging device, and so on.

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