She has added the sparkle of magic to your life. She makes each day an exciting one for you. She makes homecoming an event to look forward to, even if that happens every evening after work. She makes your house a home. Yes, we are talking about your better half, your wife. So this year as the calendar turns a leaf and changes into a brand New Year, make her feel special, cared for and wanted with a New Year’s Gift that is thoughtful and intimate.

Here at 123NewYear we have included both classy and traditional New Year Gift ideas for Wife, as well as experiential (experience) gifts to surprise your lady love; utilitarian gifting options as well as ones that are mischievous in a romantic way.

  • Relieve her from doing the routine household chores – This is one gift that she shall simply love you for. Give her a break from the monotony of the chores and take them up yourself. You can even consider outsourcing some of them, if possible. You may not be as perfect as her in doing these, but it is the gesture that will have her smitten. Complete the experience with a dinner cooked by you, and see how she glows as the two of you finally settle down after dinner for a cozy chit-chat.
  • A romantic evening complete with candlelight dinner – Has the humdrum of the day to day life robbed you of the time to get naughty and pampering to your wife? If yes, then this holiday season is the perfect opportunity to rekindle the passion. You may take her to a swanky restaurant. Let them know beforehand so that they can set the stage for the perfect romance. Or you may set the set yourself at home. You may order in some food or cook a meal yourself. Then turn down the lights and light some scented candles, take out her best china, bring in some fresh flowers and rose petals – voila, she shall fall head over heels in love with you all over again!
  • A couple’s spa package – This is one gift that will take away all the stress and strain that the past year had subjected the two of you, as you get rejuvenated for a fresh start to welcome the brand New Year. Relaxing and private, this would set the mood for romance as the two of you get to spend some quality couple time together. Apart from the relaxation and rejuvenation, the massage therapy would also offer detoxification that would boost the immunity so that you can be hearty and healthy in the New Year.
  • A luxurious bedspread – Well, this gifting option can be as utilitarian or as suggestive as you want to make it. If you are into practical gifting a set with Egyptian cotton will be comfortable and low on maintenance. But you can take this gift one notch up by getting her a luxurious satin bedspread set complete with heart shaped cushions. Shades of pink, peach, grey, beige, and blue are relaxing, white is always pristine, but if you want to imbibe energy to your bedroom romance consider fiery red, rich burgundy or even attractive ebony.
  • Jewelry or Watch – These gifts are classy and timeless – a woman will never get tired of these no matter how many she may have. Diamond and gold jewelry are great investments, but the fashion industry is now going gaga over silver and platinum too. Colored precious stones like emeralds, sapphires, rubies and pearls look stunning; but if they seem a little too expensive for you, settle for semi precious stones like corrals, moonstones and zircons for an impressive gift. Watches too are available in precious stones and metals these days, but can be used on special occasions only. A classy metal band or a smart leather, on the other hand, band will be her constant companion.
  • The glitzy party dress she has been eyeing for a while – Has she has been eyeing a special dress from a renowned designer house for a while? Or is there a dress that you would like to see her in? The New Year is the best time to see her in a new avatar, and it would be great way to present her in a New Year party in a glamorous new look.
  • Gadgets for the home – This is one thing that she can never get enough of. In fact this will be an upgrade for your home. The market today is flooded with eco friendly and energy saving devices, and getting one this New Year would be an investment your wife would really appreciate. If she loves cooking, gift her swanky cooking range, or food processor. If she likes things spic n span a hand held vacuum would be her best friend.
  • Electronic Devices – The modern woman is hooked to electronics. It is part of her daily life. Gifting her a new toy would be appreciated for sure. It could be a digital photo frame, an iPod dock or a sleek tablet, depending on her preference and your budget. You would be the best judge of what she would need or want. Be judicious – gift her something that she shall need, not something that you would like to flaunt.
  • Vacation package – Vacations are much needed after a year full of gruel and grime. This is actually another experience gift idea that your wife could enjoy either on your own, or along with you. You could consider a couple’s vacation in an exotic land – the privacy and change of place will work wonders to rekindle your relationship. Or, you could gift her a vacation that she can enjoy with her bestie, sister or mom. If there is a trekking or camping expedition or say a winery tour that she has been wanting to undertake – now is the time for you to fulfill her dreams.
  • Makeover Magic – This will work especially for those couples who have been married for a while. Book an appointment with an aesthetician, and see the transformation magic. Your wife would surely enjoy the pampering, and you shall have an eye candy in your arms at the New Year parties.

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