Looking for nice New Year Gift ideas for your Girlfriend? Who said impressing your girlfriend can be expensive or difficult?

With a little thoughtfulness and pre-planning you can make a lasting impression on your girlfriend by gifting her something that she shall cherish all through the year. The essence is to make her feel wanted and cared for.

Here at 123NewYear we have framed some gift ideas for you to select from that would establish you as a thoughtful person and pump up further the romance quotient of your relationship.

  • Handmade Gifts – These are the most personal and intimate gifts that she should surely appreciate. The internet is flooded with D-I-Y options, so even if you are not an artsy one you can still pick a project for the beginners – the impression still would be the same. If you are comfortable in the kitchen you can consider making a special dinner, or baking a cake which would read your New Year message to her. Lots of jewelry making kits are available in the stores which will help you make fashionable trinkets. A scrapbook or a photo memory book is a sure hit, but would require some prep time. If all these sound too adventurous for you, consider making a greeting card using cutouts from magazines and papers and writing a line or two in it.
  • Personalized Gifts — These give a personal touch of warmth and compassion even to mundane objects. Your girlfriend needs to get up early in the morning for her studies/work? Gift her an alarm desk clock with a couple photo of the two of you framed on one side. She is an avid reader or a coffee enthusiast? Gift her a personalized bookmark or a coffee mug where you can even incorporate a message of your own along with a photo. From apparels to accessories to home décor to utility items, a personalized touch can be added to any gift option.
  • Perfumes – Make her New Year seem a promising one as you fill it up with fragrance when you gift her a perfume. The whiff in the air would always remind her of you and you of her. If perfume is a little too expensive for you, a cute bottle of body mist or a set of deodorants would do the trick as well.
  • Trinket Box – Jewelry make seem a little too committing, or perhaps a little too expensive. But an elegant jewelry box or an all purpose box that she can put on her desk to hold her stationeries would make a lovely gift. Depending on your budget and her taste, you can select a swanky silver box with a motif on the lid, a beautifully carved wooden one or even a simple metal one with clean lines. You may consider having a picture of the two of you put in on the inside of the lid.
  • Romantic Getaway – If you have come of age and are consenting, the two of you can plan a romantic vacation away from prying eyes where you can start the New Year in a uber romantic way. This would be a great boost for your relationship as well. However, make sure that your girlfriend is comfortable with the idea, and also check with her before you block the dates for any prior commitment.
  • Framed Couple Photo – This may sound simple, but this makes a beautiful gift with a little bit of creative idea from your side. Get a frame with beautiful motifs, and then get it personalized with both of your names, or a special date or a message. You may even add a romantic quote. We are sure she shall love to flaunt it on her desk or mount it on her bedroom wall.
  • Swarovski or Precious Metal Flowers – Flowers are cliché. Although flowers will never become passé, flowers do wither. This New Year you may consider adding a twist to regular flowers. The market now offers beautiful long stemmed crystal roses – transparent or colored – pick one that appeals to you. Flowers made of metals also look pretty chic. The glitter of the metal or the shine of the crystal will not get marred for long time to come. You may also consider gifting a silk flower arrangement put in a transparent vase with acrylic water.
  • Wallets, Handbags, Travel Bags etc – If your girlfriend is outgoing by nature, or has to travel a lot due to her profession, this will make an ideal gift for her. No fashionista would set foot in a New Year party without an arm candy handbag or an attractive clutch. A tote or sling bag can hold a lot of stuff and is ideal for the woman who is out most part of the day. For the frequent traveler, a smart leather luggage or a laptop bag would fit the bill.
  • Funky Accessories – For your fashion conscious girl, a gift that you can never go wrong with are fashion accessories. Do your homework to find what are the latest picks of the season – a metal or leather belt, a sensual pair of stilettos, an elegant stole or a printed scarf – each of these make wonderful gift options. If you can get these monogrammed with her initials, these simple objects would transform into something unique in a jiffy.
  • Recipe Book – Planning to set up your love nest this New Year? Or do you have a foodie as girlfriend? Or are you a foodie who likes to experiment in the kitchen, and now would like your girlfriend to be involved too? If yes, a recipe book or a set of those would be a wonderful New Year gift. This would also be a great start to cultivating a new hobby together in the brand new year.

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