As the New Year approaches we really get a little anxious about what to gift our loved ones. New Year Gift ideas for Men make sure that the gifts you present are not only nice but are functional as well. These are gifts that the man would enjoy not only during the holiday season, but also for the rest of the year.

The key is to fish out the person’s interest area and figure out your budget – then it gets easier for you to plan your gift based on these data. We bring you a variety of gift ideas in a wide range of budget options.

You should remember that these are generic ideas that you can customize according to your wish and also the wants of the recipient/s. You should also keep in mind the relationship you share with the man – for example, a gift to your father or brother perhaps can be a little intimate, while a gift to your colleagues or teachers or business associates would be a tad more formal.

  • Electronics and Gadgets: Well, there is no doubt about the fact that guys love gadgets. No matter how many they possess, they crave for newer versions and also enhancement options. If you know the gadget that the man has been lusting after this New Year, you can surprise him by gifting him just that. Otherwise also, there are vast range of electronics and gadgets to choose from depending on your budget. It could be something as affordable as a Bluetooth Headphone set for his mobile or as state of the art as a home theater or outdoor grill. And in between there are hundreds of options like tablets, mobile phones, gaming gadgets – the list is endless.
  • A Personal Grooming Kit: This New Year you can consider gifting a new look to your male friends or family members, and see how their jaw drops as they get the revamp. This fun and unique gifting idea is not for those men with whom you share a formal relationship. Although men’s interest in fashion is far underrated, they generally do get excited about flaunting a style that befits them. Some reputed brands also come up with boxed gift options keeping in mind the festive season. For men on the go, a travel sized grooming kit will be an asset as well as frequent companion.
  • Gift Baskets: When you are unsure of the likes and dislikes of the man you are planning to gift, it is best to play it safe with a gift basket. Beautifully designed and presented these are eye candies in themselves. Several online shops and local florists and confectioners offer a plethora of gif basket options depending on your budget. Wine and Cheese or Coffee and Cookies or Chocolates and Chocolates and Liqueurs make excellent gifting options.
  • Fashion or Sports Accessories: The metro-sexual man is very conscious about how he dresses. If you are looking for pocket friendly options a smart tie or a set of cufflinks would surely serve your purpose and his as well. If you are in a mood to splurge, a business suit or a sports jacket would surely be treasured. Fashion accessories make intimate gifting. But for a man with whom you share a tad more formal relationship, a sports accessory would work wonders. Depending on your budget and the person’s interests, these could range from a personalized baseball cap to a fishing rod and line to a golf club.
  • Stationeries and Office Supplies: For the man who loves his things to be meticulous and organized, no gift can be better than a year planner, or a desk calendar. Personalize your gifts (online or in kiosks available for the purpose in most shopping malls) with pictures of the recipient or select a theme in keeping with his hobbies that would appeal to the person right away. A leather bound set of stationary items would not only be functional but also add elegance to his desk. These also make great formal or corporate gifts for your male colleagues, associates et al.
  • Club Membership Program: Depending on the interest the man shares, you can gift him a club membership like Nature Club, Culinary Club, Trekking or Mountaineering Club – the options available are endless. For the ones who are more laid back, there are even Clubs like Wine and Food, Beer or Coffee Clubs that would make them enjoy the finer things of life.  Either ways a club membership like this will not only keep them happily occupied in their leisure time but also would win them friends they shall treasure for life. However, make sure you know what the man’s interests are before you pick up such a membership.
  • Movie or Book Subscription: A book lover would simply love an annual subscription to a local library or even an online one that has a delivery at the doorstep facility. If you are aware of the person’s interests, you could even buy him a yearly subscription to a magazine of his choice – business, sports, travel, nature, computers – the list of subject oriented magazines are endless these days. For the movie buff a local DVD library membership or an online one with home delivery services would provide hours of entertainment all through the year. This gifting option is appropriate for both formal and informal recipients.
  • Gym Membership: For the fitness conscious man in your life, this is a gift that would be highly appreciated all through the year. And for those men, who are yet to get into a fitness regime, help them to get back to shape this New Year and adopt a healthy lifestyle by helping them developing the habit of exercising. In a few months time they too will thank you for gifting them a healthy future. However, this gifting option is for people who you are pretty close to personally.

Remember, these are just ideas, and you can always add or elaborate on them.

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