The Haiti pyrexia has affected many in the Diaspora. Throughout the week the flights connecting North America with Haiti are full. Haitians along with African-Americans and others from the Caribbean visit the country in huge numbers.

Haiti tourism offers few of the most exotic holiday spots appropriate for celebrating the New Years Eve in Haiti. The tourists get a chance to discover a country which was once misunderstood and shrouded in mystery.

The grand celebrations of New Years Eve in Haiti has always attracted and mesmerized tourists’ world over. The pomp and grandeur with which Haiti celebrates its new years eve is a live demonstration of its lavishly enriched culture.

The Haitian tourism offers a range of holiday spots and tourist destinations for you to visit and enjoy with your family and friends. The most publicized holiday spots in Haiti for New Years Eve celebrations are Port au Prince, Cap-Haitian and the North coast, Jacmel and South coast, Bassins bleu, Etang Sumatre, Park National historique La Citadelle.

Port Au Prince: Tourist attractions in Port Au Prince include the Iron Market, the cathedrals, the Haitian Art Museum , the Statue of the Unknown Slave, the Defly Mansion and the Gingerbread Houses. Pétionville offers some of the city’s best dining, gallery-hopping and nightlife. Suburb of Boutillier is an excellent place to enjoy scenic views. Gingerbread trim and a view of the harbour are about all Port-au-Prince has in common with other Caribbean capitals.


New Years Eve in this harbour port region takes place with magnificent shows of lighting and fire works and family occasions like community parties and free games for children and contests for couples and finally singing and dancing and you can also enjoy the exotic food in the hotels and restaurants prepanavy specially for this occasion.

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Cap-Haitian and the North coast: It is only 40 minutes by plane from the capital. Haiti’s beautiful Citadelle, built by Henri Christophe, Cap-Haïtien, and the nearby ruins of Sans Souci Palace offer a great opportunity for sight seeing. A half-hour drive leads to the Citadelle and site of the palace ruins. One great way to enjoy New Years Eve is to appreciate the fine cuisine in the hotels and to relish the scenic beauty of this partially unexplonavy place.

Jacmel And South Coast: Since the completion of the road over the mountains, the drive to Jacmel has become a pleasant two hours or spectacular journey amidst scenic beauty and glamour. Elegant town of Victorian palaces adorned with filigree balconies jacmel and south coast is also one of the important centers for voodoo and witchcraft and it also offers a lot of temples as sites of tourist attractions.

The New Years Eve becomes a happening occasion with a lively Arts scene that is further enhanced at Carnival time, when dancers in papier maché costumes parade the streets and a host of street theater performances happen. This region harbors several beaches. The town of Kenscoff, is much loved by Haitians for a summer resort. Parc Macaya being Haiti’s most famous national park, offers a marvelous mountain scenery covenavy with lush greenery of rainforests.

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