Houston and its nearby areas are stuffed with beautiful venues for hosting several New Years Eve celebrations. Some of these parties are hotel parties, hipster parties, wine tasting parties, murder mystery parties, and just regular ol’ parties, etc.

The options are endless here but one has to search and found extensively which will the best option available be in terms of times, preference, and price of entry fee, etc.

Music is the sole of Houston therefore you cannot imagine New Year Eve celebration in Houston without music. This year Fitzgerald’s is going to arrange a great musical concert with eminent musicians like Fat Tony, Buxton, Electric Touch, Venemous Maximus, and more.

For those who are 21+ age can get an entry here at free of cost. Those who are running on tight budget, it is a great option for them to celebrate the Eve with melody and tunes.

Complimentary Party at Sugar Land Town Square is a unique party venue which includes provision for children’s play and lots of fun items. However the kids’ time starts from 7 pm to 9 pm whereas adults’ party time extends up to 2 am at night. Special events will include stilt birds, light shows and a 3-D sugar cube drop at midnight.

Midnight in the Gardens at Moody Gardens offers wonderful band’s performance. The specialty of this musical party is open bar, gourmet food, champagne toast and midnight balloon drop. Tickets are available for single entry or for couples. The price range varies from $225/person or $425/ couple.

New Year EVE includes NYE Masquerade Ball party at Winetopia; it is a wine tasting party. The venue maintains an open bar, excellent DJ performance, and best quality finger foods with best quality wine. The party maintains its dress code; black tie for men and black lingerie for women. The price range for ticket starts from $125.

Celebrating the zero hour with light and fireworks is an old convention in USA. Houston maintains that convention since a long time. Different types of fireworks are used in these light shows.

The significance of different fireworks function is to greet the New Year on the verge of its start and to salute the year is passing by. These fireworks show are done near the river bank which often adds on its beauty with the reflection of the light in the river water.

Be it Houston, Montreal, or Dallas New Year Eve celebration is like a religious ritual in America. One must know thus what hot programs are around in order to participate in to the program and its agenda. Local search and availing news feeds from these cultural associations websites are the fresh and reliable ways for learning about these programs.

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