Preparations for welcoming a brand new Year are on in Hungary. People of this eastern European country looks forward with eagerness to make a clean start and forget the bygone year.

Pomp and splendor surrounds the celebrations that take place during the New Year’s Eve also called as the Szilveszter in Hungary. December 31 is marked as the Sylvester’s name day in Hungary’s annual calendar and people celebrate this day with much gusto.

A number of interesting traditions and superstitions are also attached with the celebrations on New Year’s Eve in Hungary. Here’s a look into the customs and revelries that mark the eve before the dawn of a bright new year in this beautiful country.

Beliefs associated With New Year’s Eve

People in Hungaryhold different set of beliefs and are seen observing some very weird customs that edge on the border of superstition when the time comes to ring out the old year. One of the popular beliefs that Hungarian people largely observe is burning noise-emitting crackers to chase off the evil spirits and miseries of the past year. In ancient times, locals in Hungary used a bullwhip cracker to create a loud noise but horns are blown in modern times to drive out all the bad things.

Getting into arguments and doing laundry and sewing is also believed to bring in bad luck throughout the next year. Locals also waited for a man to make the first entry in their house on New Year’s Day as a man’s first footing was considered lucky whereas the same by a woman by supposed to be a bad omen.

Removing anything from the house is another superstition that Hungarians think can render them penniless all round the year and hence they avoid doing so. The tradition of burning an effigy called “Jack Straw” is most commonly observed on the New Years Eve in Hungary. The dummy symbolizes all the negative things and misfortunes of the past year and it is taken all around the village before being burnt.


Famous Spots to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest in Hungary is known worldwide for its grand celebrations on the New Year’s Eve. People flock in huge numbers to the Vörösmarty Squarethat hosts some of the best musical live band performances. The night before the dawn of a bright new year comes alive with the grooving and pulsating musical tunes being belted out by famous artists and talented rock performers at the square. You can also head to the Nyugati Square where you can witness some of the fines t Hungarian Pop rock bands entertaining crowds and making them dance to their beats on the eve of the New Year.  If clubbing is your thing then be at the Oktogon where music belted out by popular Hungarian DJs keep you dancing on the floor till the wee hours.

New Year’s Eve party on the Danube River

Enjoy the idyllic setting of Danube on New Year’s Eve with delicious dinner, folk music, sparkling wine and sight of waves to enhance your pleasure of partying in Hungary

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