New Year is a grand event in Australia that takes place on the first of January every year. As per the Gregorian calendar, the day is observed on the same date in the country as the rest of the world. January 6th though marks the end of the celebrations.

New Years Eve in Australia is all about fireworks, loud music, parties and other fun filled activities. People from all over the world enjoy the glitz and glamour of celebrations in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Hobart and Darwin.

New Years Eve in Sydney, Australia:

Known for hosting the second largest and one of the best New Year celebrations, Sydney is a place worth visiting during the holiday season. The illuminated Sydney Harbour Bridge and its spectacular firework show, is however the highlight of the New Years Eve in Sydney, Australia. If this was not all, you can also hear the melodious singers and musicians perform some of their best tracks during the celebrations. Fun and enjoyment does not end here. There are beach parties, bonfires, camping and picnics that form the essence of the New Year Eve celebrations in Sydney.

New Years Eve in Melbourne, Australia:

Melbourne is yet another Australian destination that promises you one of the best New Year celebrations in the country. With beach parties, fireworks, rock band performances, and luxurious dinners, all you can expect to have is a gala time. Hot spots like Southgate, NewQuay, Alexandra Gardens, Federation Square, Waterfront City and Birrarung Marr host’s special entertaining programs on the New Year Eve in Melbourne. To have a different experience though, you can party hard at some of the New Years Eve special cruises, sailing across the city.

New Years Eve in Brisbane, Australia:

Brisbane in Australia too is a great place to visit for New Year celebrations. From splendid fireworks, laser shows to Hollywood styled parties and balls, Brisbane knows how to entertain its residents and visitors on the New Years Eve. New Year Ball in Brisbane takes place at RNA Showgrounds in Bowen Hills. Dress as you like and party as hard as you can is the basic principle followed here on this occasion.

New Years Eve in Canberra, Australia:

Canberra city is yet another amazing Australian destination to come to for grand New Year celebrations. Celebrated events at Civic Square and Garema Place are some of the attractions to be a part of during the Eve in the city. Music lovers can enjoy shows by Kiwi G, The Whitlams, and Who’s Ya Daddy, while party lovers can groove to some of the best tracks played by the DJ at Garema Place.

New Years Eve in Hobart, Australia:

Hobart’s waterfront is known for hosting grand celebrations on the New Years Eve. The Taste Festivals is although, a highlight of the Harbour Waterfront celebrations. From festival special food to Tasmanian Wine, you can savor them all at the festival. Apart from this, you can also be a part of the artistic performances held throughout the place.

New Years Eve in Perth, Australia:

If you want to be a part of grand New Year celebrations, the city of Perth is certainly a perfect Australian destination to visit. Special highlights of the New Years Eve in Australia include, Disco Fever at Applecross, New Years Eve celebrations at The Byrneleigh and the Eve party of Perth at the George.

New Year celebrations in Australia:

If you are wondering what to expect on a New Year Eve in the country, you can take a look at some of these mentioned below.

  • Illuminated streets with New Year flashy boards
  • Firework shows from the strike of clock till 12.15am
  • Excellent transport communications in all cities even at wee hours of the morning and night
  • Nightlong beach parties
  • Cruise or yatch New Year Eve parties
  • Special party dinners on the shores

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