Singapore, located in the south eastern part of Asia, is a beautiful island country, with an equally beautiful New Years Eve celebrations. The ever beautiful Singapore seems to put an extra pleasant-looking make up over it during the New Year time.

People with high spirits and enthusiasm; make sure to celebrate their major festival of New Year in a grand way. All the festivities and celebrations made around the occasion is based on Chinese tradition. New Years Eve, the major day of celebration in Singapore, is also a day reflecting the same with its celebrations.

Most of the celebrations planned and observed on New Years Eve in Singapore, are in accordance with the Chinese traditions and beliefs. Following the traditional lunar calendar, an extended fifteen days of celebration takes place, in which everyone in Singapore enthusiastically participates. All the streets, buildings, and markets are decorated with colorful lights.

Also, people in their respective selves also decorate their houses, and put on the illuminating lights all over the place. As people prefer to engage in shopping, markets make sure to attract more of them by making luring offers, and by placing latest and best products for sale.

Usually, most of the people plan out a special dinner for the evening, in which all close friends and relatives, are invited. Spending time with friends, relatives, and family is considered as an intrinsic part of New Years Eve in Singapore, as it is considered to symbolize for a reunion time with old and new friends, relatives, and family members.

The Marina Bay area is the biggest party place of the New Years Eve. In fact, it is the major tourist spot for the evening, where people not only from all over Singapore but also from different parts of the world arrive, to be a part of the spectacular and biggest New Years Eve celebration of the Singapore. On New Years Eve, throngs of people mark their presence here, and it is really difficult for one to get into it. The nearby hotels and restaurants start making reservations few months before the New Year.

The Singapore flyer, the world’s tallest Ferris wheel and almost all the nearby buildings, hotels, restaurants, and commercial and non-commercial buildings end up being the witness centre of celebrations. Number of live shows and concerts organized with local as well as internationally eminent arrests; create a magical atmosphere in every corner of Marina Bay.

However, the biggest celebration moment arrives with few last seconds left for New Year. The large crowd, getting in concord, becomes a part of the countdown. As soon as midnight struck, the extravagant display of fireworks is set-off from the waters of Marina Bay, creating a magical picture of the Singapore sky and skyline.

Other than these conventional celebrations, the distinctive aspect associated with New Years Eve in Singapore is Chun Jei, which usually sees a month long preparation leading to the New Year. According to the tradition of Chun Jei, people bury their all troubles and miseries of the past with the passed second, and develop optimistic hopes for the coming time.

New Year is considered as a time to perform it, as New Year is associated not only with the beginning of a new time, but also with the commencement of new hopes and aspirations for the future. Before performing this tradition, people make sure to clean up their houses and its surroundings well before the New Years Eve. There is another tradition of hanging up an upside-down image of Chun Lian. Hanging it upside-down is deliberately done according to the Chinese tradition, in which upside-down is considered same as arrival.

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