This New Year you are planning to visit Japan. Take some interesting Japanese New Year gifts for your friends. The best way to convey your love and wishes is by sharing beautiful gifts on Japanese New Year.

Show your respect and gratitude by taking flowers, fruit and food items to your Japanese friend’s house. It is very common practice to give and get gifts on such occasions but, it would be really great to exchange personalized New Year gifts with your near and dear ones.

Japanese New Year Family Gifts

Japanese Washi paper clock – New Year brings new time and wall clocks are the very good New Year gift idea. These Japanese New Year gifts come in various colors and prints. From zodiac sign, kanji numbers and large kanji characters adorned on the large wooden wall clocks – the wall clocks are favorite family gifts for Japanese.

Noren Curtain – These are Japanese designs for window dressings and room dividers. The curtains are made of fabrics that can simply adorn the living spaces. These are very suitable for wall hanging or for special area decorations.

The Noren curtains are very popular New Year Japanese presents. The word ‘Noren’ means spilt curtains in Japanese. It is usually hanged to prevent the home or shop from sunlight and dust. Get the most vibrant shades of these gorgeous curtains for your loved ones this New Year.

Personalized Japanese New Year Gift Ideas

Furoshiki – This is one of the most ancient and traditional Japanese gift items. For close friends and partner you can get this personal stuff on New Year. “Furoshiki” means a square piece of cloth which is used for bathing. Earlier it was used for bathing and carrying toiletries but, with the change in style of usage it to wrap anything.

The cloth is replaced by handbags and is not used as routine item. This is beautifully made by using silk or satin fabric with thread work on it. It is more of a decorative item which is hanged on walls and wrapped around delicate gift articles.

Kokeshi dolls – For the younger girls you can get the cute looking Kokeshi dolls as, Japanese New Year gift. The dolls are made of natural wood with cylindrical body and round head. These are popularly known as “Sayonara dolls”. This is one of the very favorite items as New Year presents among young girls.

Make the gift personalized by adding your sweet girl’s name on it. You can also, get custom made dolls for your loved ones.

New Year Gifts Ideas – You would be looking out for more ideas for New Year celebrations. Here are some more gift ideas for you.

  • Ninja Sword Set
  • Juniper in a Water Bonsai Pot
  • Engraved Japanese Wood Chopsticks
  • Basho the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture Glass-Topped Table
  • Origami Crane Necklace
  • Elegant Japanese Calligraphy Tea Set
  • Pure silk kimono
  • Gingerbread House Tea Mug
  • Lucky Red Takeout Box with Chopsticks Favor

Wish a very happy New Year and hope you get and give the most incredible Japanese New Year gifts for your near and dear ones.

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