A New Year’s Eve is a particularly looked forward to occasion as it involves both a happy feeling and a sad note.

Sad, because an old year has gone by… a year that was eventful, prosperous and may be for many, brilliant. And the happy note associated with the New Year eve is that all are waiting to welcome a brand new year, new resolutions, new promises and a new perspective to look at things.

Well! For all, all across the world, the highlight of the day remains the few moments before the arrival of the New Year 2019 when the countdown in the clocks begin… Las Vegas in the US is a wonderful place to be in to celebrate the occasion! The celebrations in Las Vegas New Year Eve are nothing short of a roller coaster ride. The Las Vegas New Years eve looks resplendent with light decorations as well as the fireworks and grand parties organized in the classiest pubs, discotheques and other nightspots.

Popular Places in Las Vegas For New Year Eve Events

Some of the most significant places to be in Las Vegas New Year Eve are:

  • Body English
  • Jet Nightclub
  • OPM
  • Club RIO
  • Voodoo Lounge
  • Light
  • Tryst
  • Risque
  • Drai’s

Las Vegas New Years Eve Activity

The most popular activities one could take up in the Las Vegas New Years Eve are either to book a table at one of the swankiest restaurants in town to enjoy the New Year approaching by the minutes or crowd up in the streets to enjoy the 5 minute firework display… Well! The choice is entirely yours… Incase you may want to enjoy the Las Vegas New Year eve 2019 in the crowded streets of the city, you would find the following information interesting and handy…

To make 2019 Las Vegas New Year’s Eve an especially memorable event, be at the Las Vegas Strip! The entire area is packed with action, thrill and millions of people. Yes! Not thousands but millions of people throng to be in this area on the New Year eve to enjoy the most colorful fireworks, light works and the trendiest parties in town. It is so crowded that people can barely move while still enjoying to the music and radiance illuminated in the night. The 4 miles strip is closed down especially for the pedestrians and people start accumulating soon after 6 pm. Security measures are suitably taken care of to ensure you a safe and enjoyable Las Vegas New Year eve 2019.

The Strip is full by 10 pm and people are ready to party and dance their night away but not before witnessing the fascinating display of lights. Adorn an attitude displaying your widest best and get to The Strip for an experience of a lifetime. Just in case you would want to enjoy the Las Vegas New Year eve 2019 in a subtle manner, you could book your place in any of the many indoor concerts and events taking place in the city. These popular concerts are great options for all music lovers and welcoming the New Year could not be more ideal than this one.

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