Libra Financial Horoscope 2015 promises of a year that would help you to build up upon your assets and also increase your savings thereby bringing to you a hope of secured future. Last year you were a little apprehensive after having spent a lump sum of money on certain unavoidable expenses.

That was because of the fact that during that time the Planet Saturn was transiting through the second house of your natal chart. But this year the celestial configurations show no such trait. In fact the Planet Jupiter casts a positive influence in the financial sector of your natal chart.

This is why during the course of the year you shall be able to stick to more planned course of action in the financial sector without having to bear the brunt of the unexpected.

Of course this does not indicate that you can expect windfalls to happen on your own. You have to play your part properly. Remain focused in your profession for it is supposed to bring you great returns in the course of the year. Those who are into business may expect good profit especially in the first quarter of the year.

Sometime around the end of the first quarter of the year you may get some unexpected extra money. This may be in the form of returns from previous investments, gift from a family member or in a form of inheritance, or perhaps a lucrative freelancing offer that gives your vocational skill an outlet.

This is also the right time to figure out the best ways to invest this extra money so that you can add on to your cash reserve for the futuristic purposes.

In a nutshell Libra Financial Horoscope 2015 tells you that in case you are keen to do so you shall be able to build up substantially upon your savings in this year. This is also a good year to invest in a house of your own or some other form of immovable property. If you have plans to expand your business it is best to avoid the month of June to September. In fact, this is one phase of the year when you should refrain from all kinds of financial investments from which you are looking to have favorable returns in the future. Also, it would be better to carry on any professional expansion plans with the extra money you make instead of getting into any kind of debt.

Favorable Professions: Money would come more easily to those Libra born natives who are involved in the following professions –

  • Traders and Business People
  • Singers, Dancers and other performing artists
  • Research Scholars
  • Pilots and Aviation professionals
  • Transport Business
  • Teachers and Academicians
  • Fashion Industry
  • Army, Navy, Air force.
  • Customs officers or other security personnel
  • Wine and Alcoholic Beverage Industry
  • Artists and other creative professionals

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