Love Horoscope 2015 is astrologically exploring your chances of happiness in a romantic relationship and compatibility issues all through the year for each of the twelve sun signs.

Here is a compact analysis of Love Horoscope of the 12 sun signs for the year 2015 –

    • Aries – Romance for Aries would go through some trials and tribulations in the first half of the years. Those who are already into committed relationships would see their liaison being tested by the storm for their strength and stability. If you can survive this, you shall enjoy flourishing romance in the latter months. The year is also a good one to enter into new liaisons. Some old flames may again come back to your life.


    • Taurus – For Taurus born natives the year would see a great focus on relationships. You shall be in a mood to explore your own feelings and emotions, and in the process you shall understand what you need out of your relationship too. This would help you to enter into commitments with more conviction. Those in a relationship would experience strengthening of bonds, and your partner would reciprocate your loyalty and dedication.

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    • Gemini – Commitment is not something that Gemini finds easy to get into for Gemini is almost always in two minds. But the year 2015 is all about exploring your romance in a new light, and if you do not have any logical reason to do otherwise, it would be advisable for you to take your relationship to a whole new level with intensity and seriousness. You shall be open to new experiences, and this is how those of you who are still single may come across the love of your life.


    • Cancer – Romance will come to the limelight in the platform of your life in the year 2015. For Cancer born natives, love and relationship would emerge with renewed importance as you experience your emotions reaching the pinnacles. If you are single, it is likely that you shall find your partner in the middle of the year. Those in committed relationship should learn to give space instead of being overtly possessive so as not to make your partner feel suffocated.


    • Leo – The year 2015 would be as much about making connections as about maintaining the old ties for the Leo born natives. You shall charm people around you with your persona, and you shall find people naturally gravitating towards you. You shall enjoy all the attention, but you should make sure of your intentions before you take such friendships to the next level to avoid heartaches later. Married couples may consider taking their partnership to the next level by contemplating expansion in family.


    • Virgo – The 2015 would present a few challenges to you in the arena of love and relationship, and the outcome of your romance would depend upon the choices you make and the methods you apply to take those challenges to your stride. Be prepared to give your romance time and attention. If you are not already into a relationship, it would be best not to rush into a new one this year – just go with the flow for the time being and see the turn of events.


    • Libra – This year you are suggested to infuse some adventure and romance to your relationship. You need to bring some spark to your romance or else it may start to lose the intensity.  It is an auspicious year to meet someone new and take up your friendship to the next level. Married couples may experience some scuffles, but they should be able to resolve that with time and some initiation on their part.


    • Scorpio – This is the year when Scorpio would decide to lose a lot of burden. This would make you test the durability of your relationship. You are inclined to give it a try only when you think it is worth the effort. So if you have been going through a relationship that wasn’t clicking anymore, you may consider calling it off. You shall also have the opportunity to meet new people. Only those liaisons that would stand hardships would prevail.


    • Sagittarius – You shall feel more connected than ever before. You shall feel blessed to have a strong partnership, and you shall be eager to give it your best shot to make it rosier than ever before. You shall also enjoy the reciprocation of your partner. Together you shall be able to create romance and harmony.


    • Capricorn – You have geared up to bring changes in all spheres of your life, and your personal life would not be any exception. If you are still single, you shall probably land into a new relationship. It is also considered astrologically auspicious year for Capricorn born natives to tie the knot. Married couples may look to expand their family. Always remember to express your love and respect for your partner – sometimes feelings should be more expressive to create a sense of fulfillment.


    • Aquarius – You shall have to quit the go with the flow attitude if you want any luck in your romance this year. You shall feel that there are definite tensions, and most of them would be due to your indecisive nature. If you do not get serious about your commitments and be empathetic towards the feelings and emotions of your partner, there may be a drift in your liaison.


    • Pisces – You shall gain strength from your romantic partnership and your companion which would make you emerge as a stronger person. You shall find a pillar of support you can rely on. Compatibility would be blissful. You shall enjoy a long term mature relationship that would be mutually fulfilling. For those who are single, this may be the year to find the right partner with the help of your intuitive powers. It would be an auspicious year to chime your wedding bells.