Have you ever thought of Montreal for your hot and sizzling New Years Eve celebration venue? Unique and enjoying night clubs, live music concerts, great arrangements of parties are some of the great attractions of Montreal. In fact night life of Montreal is one of the most exciting options for celebration of New Years Eve without kids.

In Montreal the rush of crowd remain excessive; in a short way New Year Eve crowd in Montreal is the sum total of crowd of Christmas, winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah fests all together. This is the reason New Year Eve celebration in Montreal needs extra preparation and advanced booking.

New Years Eve arrange different types of parties known for their fun and excitement packed series of events. Most of these parties are arranged outdoor although numbers of indoor parties are not very fewer in number. Most of these parties get over with a dazzling fireworks show. Besides indoor games, dance programs and cocktail parties most of these parties are known for their live music and concerts by eminent DJs or by famous Rock bands.

Montreal restaurants arrange special menu and dinner for the customers. Obviously advanced booking is always recommended. Most of the good restaurants maintain their own parking area otherwise it gets quite difficult to take the out of the parking lot because of huge rush of crowd. Italian foods are famous in Montreal.

Restaurants like Venti, Da Vinci, Bar and Boeuf, Montanara are famous venues for New Year Eve. Foodies may search for different culinary events, wine dinners into different restaurants. However, New Year Eve special Dinners are available with limited seats therefore advanced booking should be always available.

New Year Eve in Montreal brings lots of parade on the main road as well as it involves lots of Fireworks function at the zero hours. However without dance and music, you will not be able to imagine of New Years Eve and Montreal has lots of such places where you can rock with your friends to celebrate the special New Year Eve. Let’s narrate a few party bashes here.

Renowned dance clubCircuspresents their common “more is more” approach to their motivated Odyssey 2013 New Year’s Eve celebration. Within the Circus compound, daze music will be featured in the Playroom House with different DJs like Leon Bolier, Heatbeat, Jaytech, Omar El Gamal Wezz Devall,andHollow Earth.

In Xroom it is American progressive house where DJTom Stephan, atienne OzborneandStfane will be revolving techno within the Gallery space, and DJs Marc Remillard will be warming up the with dubstep selections. Per ticket price varies from $60 to $85.

Those who like to enjoy this New Year with lots of outdoor activities may join ice skating etc. Quaya Ice skating club is one of such destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Ideal ice, unbelievable sight of historic Old-Montreal and the frozen river, and lively, exciting and amusing activities are what be in store for you at the Old Port skating rink during winter. The big music and unique lighting only adjoin to the fun.

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