New Zealand is considered as a very beautiful island country. One can undoubtedly say that the festivals and celebrations it holds over the year are in no way less beautiful and royal. New Years Eve, which is celebrated all across the world on December 31st of the Old Year, is celebrated on the same day in New Zealand as well.

Being on the utmost side of the planet, New Zealand is one of those very few nations to ‘first’ witness the arrival of the New Year, and to witness the rising Sun of the New Year. It is considered as a highly significant festival of the year by the natives of New Zealand, which is well reflective in the sincere efforts put in by them in making New Years Eve celebrations a memorable one.

Celebrations on New Years Eve in New Zealand

In and around the time of New Year, New Years Eve is certainly the biggest day of all. Though, it is not the only day of celebration. Usually, most parts of the country have extended three day long celebrations, in the form of festivals and outdoor open celebrations. Many of the events which happen across these three days including New Years Eve are high on vitality and vibrancy. People party all day and all night. The most unique aspect associated with such celebrations and festivals is that they offer a respite to all those, who want to move ahead and away of the conventional party culture.

However, most of these conventional party hubs such as discotheques and night clubs modify them during the time of New Years Eve. Most of these parties move out of the four wall squares to the big party stages placed under the skies.

The most popular and populated New Years Eve parties in New Zealand, usually have eminent performers of the nation as well as the world coming together and performing in front of the live audience of thousands and more. The beautiful cold weather, the vibrancy of the lively people, and some highly brisk acts mutually end up creating a great celebration moment for everyone present. Apart from great music, some delicious dishes and finest of booze serves the celebration purpose of many.

Apart from that, New Years Eve offers adequate options to those, who wish to go out and have fun with their family, in an alcohol free environment. The five decades old ‘New Years Eve Mardi Gras’ is one such event. People come along with their group of friends to be a part of it, where creative performers from the local region as well the country come to perform on New Years Eve.

Major Celebrations on New Years Eve

Auckland, the largest and most populous part of the country, serves an astonishing fireworks show on New Years Eve. It perhaps is the best in the nation. A simply magical image creates out of the scene, when a planned and technology driven fireworks show is executed on Auckland’s Sky Tower and over Waitemata harbor.

Queenstown is another hot spot where people from around the nation as well as far off places from the planet arrive during New Years Eve time. One will find hotels to be booked few months before in advance.

The biggest attraction in Queensland is the fireworks show set off at the stroke of midnight to mark the arrival of New Year. It is something spectacular, which no one can afford to miss, and therefore everyone makes sure to find the best spot to watch it. You will not find people boozing around on streets in Queensland, as it is legally restricted for a week before and after New Year.

People also love to move close to the nature during the time of New Year. People, along with their families and friends, head to the popular New Year destinations of Mount Maunganui, Gisborne, and Whangmata. Mount Maunganui is a town in Bay of Plenty of New Zealand, and a preferred party place for people of young age. Gisborne is a city in north eastern New Zealand, and the first one on the planet to witness the rising of Sun in the sky on New Year.

Whangmata is a coastal town on the Coromandal Peninsula, which witnesses large number of people arriving to it during the time of New Year. Other popular destinations where people like to celebrate their New Years Eve in New Zealand include Nelson, Takaka, and Wanaka.

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