Although the native planet for the Pisces born natives is Planet Neptune, in the year 2019, it is Planet Saturn that will turn out to be their savior bringing them favorable conditions on important aspects of life.

There would be ample scope of growth and expansion in all the spheres if the Piscean can take minor setbacks to their stride with patience and perseverance. This is because Saturn brings to you the ability to introspect. Along with that it also enhances your sincerity and diligence.

Together it would help you to take long strides ahead in the path of accomplishing your missions. Another thing to avoid is conflict or clash of ego with someone with authority or influence. Contrarily, try to establish a good relationship with them for help, guidance and support that will bring positive returns for you.

In fact, diplomacy is one thing that will be a Piscean’s best friend to fare through 2015. However, this does not mean that you shall allow anyone to take you for a ride. You should express your feelings – you should also demand for your dues – but you should do all that in a tactful manner.

Love and Relationship

Reach out to new heights and achieve your desired fulfillment and more in your romantic relationship in the year 2015. Pisceans would be in general in a positive and caring frame of mind about relationships this year which will get reflected in their companionship with their partner. They will be willing to devote their time, energy and attention to their loved one making every moment of togetherness a pleasurable one. It is advisable to resolve conflicts that have been causing rift in your relationship. For those who are into a committed long-term relationship, it could materialize into marriage. Care and support of your partner will help you to be focused and achieve target oriented results in all spheres of life. But along with all these points you should also be aware of a tendency that Pisces born natives have – the tendency to depend on their partners completely; so much so that often they get clingy. This is something that you have to consciously avoid, or else your partner may feel suffocated thereby causing a strain in your relationship.

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2015 – New Year

Pisces Daily Horoscope (December 03, 2015)

The day will eventually turn out to be a good one for you. However, it may start by giving you challenges. There will be mounting pressure at your work place and you shall have to work overtime to cope up with the situation. There may be times you may feel that you are in a verge of a breakdown. But peers would be highly supportive. You may feel spiritually inclined at the end of the day and meditation may help you connect with your inner self.

Lucky Number : 13, 37, 46


Pisces Horoscope 2015

Pisces Horoscope 2015

Career and Business

If you have been slowing down a little off late, 2015 is the time to gear up and give a deep thought about what you want to achieve in the future. If you have in mind a craving for recognition of your efforts, you have to give your 100%.

As a Pisces born native you often have the tendency to go with the flow. Pisces is known to live in a world of dreams. People born under the sun sign Pisces often like to see the world to be a land of Utopia – to see the world via a tinted glass that is biased by the color of their thoughts. You like to see the world in the way you actually want it to be.

But the reality is very different. Especially in the professional sphere there is often a very tough fight that you shall have to handle no matter how soft hearted you may be by nature. However, it is best to sail on the ship on your own. Partnership ventures may not turn out to be fruitful for you, especially in the second half of the year. Beware of competitive people who may try to pull you down the ladder of growth by causing hindrances at work places.

You shall have to be wise enough to see through such tricks and also plan ways to escape them and emerge winner. A level headed composure is the key to deal with such situations. Ongoing projects will flourish all through the year, and may even grow in leaps and bounds; but for those contemplating to start anew, it would be wise to wait till post April.

Health and Wellness

From a broad perspective, 2015 will be a good year health wise for a Piscean. There will obviously be some minor issues arising mostly out of stress from job that can be easily prevented with a change in lifestyle to incorporate healthy habits. Pains, aches and a feeling of suffocation may trouble you. Pisces born natives should be especially careful about their respiratory system. If you are prone to allergies, try your best to avoid allergens or else you may develop asthmatic tendencies. Meditation is recommended to bring in more energy and vitality. It is good to remember that over working yourself will not only hamper the quality of your job but will also burn you out causing negative effect on your health. Balance is the key. For your health you need to incorporate adequate rest and relaxation time to your daily schedule. Take time out for some outdoor hobby of your liking which will relax you and cause you to do some physical activity as well.

Money and Finance

If there is one thing that you would have a steady inflow of in the year 2019, it is cash. It is not necessary that all will be a result of your earning. It may be even from gifts and inheritances. If you invested on or speculated about something, it is the time to reap the returns. However, even the expenses will be on the higher side. So it is better to learn how to maintain the right balance between the inflow and the outflow of the moolah. It is best to avoid too much extravagance and unnecessary luxury. It is a good year, especially after October to consider making some intelligent investments for future financial security and stability. This would be an auspicious time for the Pisces born natives to invest in the real estate – but this is a huge investment, and as such you should do a proper methodical homework before you take the plunge.

Family and Relatives

In 2019, people born under the sun sign of Pisces will be blessed with a contented and peaceful family life. It is a good time to buy a new home. It is a good time to strengthen your bonds with your parents. Friends will be supportive and would provide great pleasure. It is a good opportunity to make the most of such an amicable ambience to arrange for day trips or vacation with your friends or family to establish your relationship with renewed vigor. Married couples will have a harmonious year. Couples wanting to welcome a child may consider doing so this year. Parents with children will find them sources of immense joy, pride and happiness.

Travel and Vacation

For the Piscean, 2015 will bring a number of opportunities to travel. In fact you would be travelling pretty frequently all the year round. Professional travels, travelling for trainings etc will keep your calendar pretty filled up. This may at times seem a little tiring to you as you have to be in an alert mode all the time. Take care to plan your travel well and confirm all aspects of your itinerary well in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprise. Apart from business trips, you shall also manage a number of pleasure trips with friends or family. This will also help you distress which in turn will be a positive boost to your health.

Education and Studies

2015 promises a lot of prospect for growth for students. The first half of the year is a good time to enroll for a career oriented educational program. This will also ensure a job of your preference in the latter part of the year. However, if you are attempting several competitive exams to land you the job of your dreams, it is best to try to schedule them after the month of April. Try to maintain peace at home so as to avoid disturbances that may cause hindrance to your concentration. Try to follow your own good judgment and sense of reasoning and not get carried away by babbles of people who may be attempting to derail you off your focused track. Many professionals may consider taking a break from their work to pursue higher education. However, make sure that you do not pursue anything randomly just because you think it is a trend or to follow your peers blindly. Think about what you want to achieve in the long run and how the course you are enrolling for would help – enroll only when you have a clear notion and direction.

Areas of Growth

2015 is the time to march forward to conquer and expand. Your imagination gets a wing. But the innovative ideas need to be grounded on the platform realism. Pisces born natives are known for being dreamers and creators – this is the year when this attribute of yours would reach a whole new level. In the first half of the year, your focus of expansion will be your personal life. If you are planning to expand your den, it is the time to contemplate doing that. Some of you may even buy a new home at this point. Playing host to get-togethers will expand the list of your friends. If you have been thinking of opening up an office for your small business, go ahead and do it. This would also be an auspicious time for marriages or to welcome a newborn. The second half of the year would see your romance flourish. This is the time you may consider a romantic vacation. This is also the time when your creativity and ingenuity will bring you fame and recognition.

Areas of Challenge

There are certain life essentials that would require a back to basics attitude to simplify and organize your life for your own betterment in 2015. On one hand, 2015 sees you at your creative best. But building castles in the air will not help you achieve any goal no matter how creative you are. Your adventurous heart, as such, needs to be toned down for practical purposes. This will help you to meet your responsibilities and execute them. You may be in a splurging mood. But this may have negative implications in the long term. So, you need to learn to control your finances for you to enjoy your life on a stable ground of solidity. As a Pisces born native you often get lost in a dreamland and get detached from the moral world around you – this may prove to be detrimental in your place of work. Today’s professional arena sees cutthroat competition and there are people you may take full advantage of your journey to the dreamland by bagging a credit that was due to you. The challenge for you is not to be so soft that you miss out on brownie points that you deserve.

Areas of Excitement

There are certain points of a Piscean’s life that will gain acceleration giving you the courage to face some risks and challenges. Your immense creativity will give you the scope to innovate and create a revolution in any field you decide to work on. This may affect your principles and attitude. You will be inclined to take independent decisions regarding your personal finances. But remember what you do will stay with you for a long term. Be prepared to think off beat for avenues to boost your income.

Areas of Change

The challenge for 2015 is to know how to control the fluctuations in your financial situations. The time has come to make a change in the way you handle such things. Learn to reserve cash when there is an excess inflow so that you can use it in times that require extra expenditure. Your way of thinking regarding working solo or as a team is also likely to see some changes this year. This may cause some clash of interest with your peers. The requirement to maximize your income will challenge you to hone whatever skills you have and improve them. This will also be an immense learning experience about your trade. Your focus will be to achieve your personal aims in spite of all the hurdles that come your way. You may explore some of your innate traits and use that as your second source of income. Also you need to stop being gullible about helping people with money every now and then just because you cannot say “no”, even when the need is not genuine.