Pisces Love Horoscope 2015 speaks of a year that would be full of intimacy and sweetness. If you are already into a relationship you shall experience a further strengthening of your bond. You shall be able to lean on your partner for support all through.

If you are still single chances are that you shall meet the love of your life during the course of the year. You shall develop a friendship where you shall feel a connection strong enough to take it one step up and treasure it for a lifetime.

You and your partner would show mutual love, admiration, appreciation, respect and adoration – a combination that would further beautify your bond of love. This sense of stability in your personal relationship would give you more confidence for self expression. You shall be far more willing to be adventurous in your romance and this will keep the flame alive.

Positions of Planets/ Stars:

The bliss that you shall experience in your love life would be largely due to the influence of Planet Jupiter in your natal chart. This would make it easier for you to get along with your loved ones. It would also help you in forming new partnerships. This would also bring a phase of happy enjoyment in your romance. Planet Mars would also make an entry along side in the beginning of the second half of the year. This would motivate you to be more affectionate and intimate making your relationship go to the next level. Married couples may find this year auspicious to begin or expand family. It is also a good time for those single Pisces born natives to get engaged, and for those who are engaged to tie the knot.

There would be one month from mid September to mid October however when Planet Mercury would stay in a retrograde position. This may bring back people and incidences from the past to the forefront. You may suddenly feel nostalgic about old flames. Some of you may even chance across your old flame in a sudden meeting. You should have the full sense of judgment to know where to draw the line for your own good in the long term.

Suggestions for Amicable Compatibility:

You are by nature a gentle person who likes to cling on to your partner. You are emotionally too engrossed in your relationship. This may cause a sense of suffocation to your partner. Always remember that every healthy relationship needs some space and freedom, and the lack of it could be detrimental to any partnership no matter how strong. Keep in mind that just as you expect strength and support from your partner, your partner too may expect the same from you. So brace yourself to be strong enough to give your mate the same kind of confidence that she/ he imbibes in you.

Love Horoscope 2015

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