Come new year and its time to buy a New Year Planner. Its a great gift idea too. After all, when would be a better time to plan and organize for a new year than when its about to begin!

If you are asking yourself, why do you need a planner at all? Its your cool tool to use your new year better.

Realistic Goal-setting: Once you’ll have your New Year Planner in your hand, marked with all the important birthdays, anniversaries, family functions, and festivals, won’t you be in a better position to tell more accurate dates for accomplishing important milestones and hence fix more realistic goals?

Motivational factor: Having a planner with you in itself is a good enough stimulant for the mind to plan for the year ahead. Face it! If you’d have a new year planner for next year with you right now, won’t your mind nag you constantly to fill it up with all the dates you already know you ‘d be busy on; dates on which you must plan a get-together feast/ party; and dates by which you must buy stuff much in advance for family/ friends/ colleagues/ philanthropic reasons etc. so that you do not feel as lost or late or having missed the opportunity for anything, like you might had to feel this year in the absence of proper planning, without a planner.

Brilliant Gift Idea: You should gift your loved ones something that’s useful, far-fetching and something that will stay with them for long as a sweet memory. Right? So, what could be better than gifting a nice New Year Planner. Be your friend/ relative a student, a professional, a business man or a home maker – a planner is useful for anyone of these and beyond. After all, everyone can use a bit of planning in their lives amidst busy schedules and lots of life happening around.

To make a planner appear really useful, you must first keep a few tips in mind. Its important to remember that efficient use of the planner would translate into more time for yourself and your passions and the people you love. So, keeping the following in mind will help you make optimum use of a New Year Planner.

1. Buy a planner of the right size that would be convenient for you to carry around on daily basis. At the same time, it should be large enough to contain all your to-do lists, appointments and other notes that you must jot down for future use and reference.

2. Group all to-do activities in broadly and give each a color code for easier reading. For instance, some things you’d record shall be personal (say Blue), some official (Yellow), some recreational (Pink), others health-related (Red) or financial (Green) and and hence, your custom list should take shape. You may keep highlighters or writing pens of these colors handy to make the colorful recordings.

3. Tab “Today” with a bookmark or a paper clip or different color highlight for quick flipping through the pages.