New Year’s is the time to celebrate the year past and the year to come, with parties, drinking and spending some quality time with your loved ones, for the globetrotting kind perhaps the best idea is to travel around the world and indulge in the best that they have to offer.

Here is a list of the Top 10 New Year destinations around the world, so get those reservations going, bags packing and head out for a trip of a lifetime.

1.  Copacabana Beach, Rio De Janeiro:

The Carnivalesque atmosphere, beach side, fireworks and parties like no other, the Copacabana Beach comes alive on New Year’s. The celebration is known as “Reveillon” in the local language, and the Brazilians sure know how to revel and make merry. If there is a must visit list somewhere, Copacabana Beach on New Year’s should be number one on it.

2.  Times Square, New York:

The sheer energy that you feel being at the Times Square on New Year’s Eve is phenomenal. Almost a million people are estimated to be present at the place to watch the ball descend, and along with the entertainment shows that are organized its one big party that you will never forget. So if the throbbing city life, coming alive is your scene Times Square in New York, is the place to be for you.

3.  Sydney Harbour, Sydney:

The famed Fireworks display at Sydney Harbour, sort of sets of the bar for rest of the major New Year destinations to follow, since it is one of the first major cities to see the New Year, Sydney does it much style. The “Harbour of Light” parade begins at 1 pm on the 31st and the celebration continues to the wee hours of the morning of January 1st. With an estimation of over a million people attending the display this year, Sydney makes up for a viable destination.

4.  Frenchmen Street, New Orleans:

The fabled Bohemian lifestyle of the Frenchman street has made Frenchman Street at New Orleans a favourite New Year’s destination for both locals and tourists alike. Its bars, cafes and musicians that like to give impromptu performances, the eclectic taste New Orleans is one you must savour at least once in your lifetime.

5.  The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin:

One of the finest destinations for some drinking bouts, good food and celebratory cheer, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is the place to be. The 1.2 miles long stretch on 17th June street come alive for party people from everywhere as music, performing DJ’s and laser light show set up the atmosphere into a huge open-air disco.

6.  Shibuya, Tokyo:

The plethora of clubs and bars that are set up in the heart of Tokyo’s entertainment zone, light up for New Year’s in quite a manner. You can visit the Center Gai which is famed as the birthplace for Japanese fashion, or you can visit the Meiji Jingu, a shrine that is of great relevance as well as reverence on the occasion.

7.  The London Eye Fireworks Display, London:

Home to the Greenwich Mean Time and safe to say that it is probably the heart of international time standards, the Fireworks celebrations at the London Eye is electric for lack of a better word. The whole city comes to life under the lit sky and the atmosphere is as full of vitality as the sky.

8.  Sanam Luang, Bangkok:

For a distinct Asian flavour of celebrations Sanam Luang in Bangkok is perhaps the best bet. With traditional cuisines, music and performers, Bangkok’s party district is the place to be if in Thailand for New Year’s, irrespective of what strip you are at, Sanam Luang ensures that you will have a great time.

9.  Champs Elysees, Paris:

The famed Parisian experience truly comes alive at Champs Elysees in Paris, with walks by the river-side, wine drinking and a view of the Eiffel tower in its full fireworks glory, if you have that special someone that you want to celebrate the onset of the New Year with, Paris is the place to be.

10.  Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas:

Known as Sin City worldwide, Las Vegas gets an even more electrifying punch for New Year’s, with a mammoth party menu, which is filled with celebrations like no other, the turn up at the Las Vegas strip on New Year’s is unbelievable. Be it the drinking, partying or visiting casinos, there is no other place that can offer you entertainment like Las Vegas.