Raising New Year toasts is one of the most common rituals observed by people across different parts of the world. Pop up the bubbly and raise a toast to say goodbye to the year gone by and to usher in the new one.

However, there are some steps involved in raising a perfect toast on special occasions like the New Year. Making a statement in front of the guests while clanking the glasses to raise a toast can make a first-timer quite nervous. With knowledge of the right formulas perfect ways to raise a toast with finesse, you can save yourself from being in an embarrassing situation at the time of New Year celebrations.

When you raise New Year toasts, you will also have to make impressive statement before doing the act. Frame your speech to include the experiences and anecdotes of the year gone by.

Focus both on the positive as well as the not-so positive aspects of the year and talk of the changes that it has brought along in your life. It is best to avoid making any negative remark, show any personal grievances or include disturbing thoughts in your speech. Saying something malignant about anyone or anything while raising New Year toasts will spoil the fun.

A common mistake that most people end up doing while raising New Year toast is that they prolong their speech for more than the required time. It can become annoying for guests at your New Year’s Eve party to wait for your lengthy speech to get over before they could raise their glasses to say cheers to the old year and welcome the new one. Make sure that you limit the toast speech for a few minutes and check out the reaction of the audience to see whether you have been successful in keeping the audience entertained with your anecdotes and experiences. Keep your toast speech brief to let people revel in the celebrations quickly.

The best thing to do to remove any signs of nervousness at the time of giving the speech toast is to   write down the speech on a piece of paper and practice it before you go to the stage to perform the act. You can carry the written note along with you when you get up to raise the toast if you fear that you might mess it up on stage. Include a short introductory line, keep forth ideas for bringing in a better environment in the year ahead and conclude it on a positive note.

Acknowledge the people present in the New Year’s Eve party when raising New Year toasts to attract the attention of the audience towards you. Taking names of few of the eminent people as present in the party or ending the toast speech by saying ‘here’s to all of you’ in case of the presence of several people at the party will make your statement impressive.

Chances of giving that perfect New Years toasts might get ruined if you are high on spirits and find it difficult to even stand to raise the glasses for a toast. So avoid drinking heavily before raising the toasts. You can go on a drinking binge right after the speech.