New Year’s is the time to celebrate, the future and to bid adieu to the past year that was. As the world celebrates the onset of a new beginning, if your party destination is India here is a list of the Top Ten Places in India which make sure that you spend your New Year’s with great celebratory cheer.

1.  Goa:

Hailed as the place to be in India on New Year’s, Goa gives you the perfect eclectic mix of a nightlife that is filled with music, booze and fun. With a host of great club, exotic cuisine, truly international ambience and fireworks by the beach side, Goa undoubtedly makes your New Year’s a night to remember and cherish forever.

The Beach parties at Vagator and Anjuna is where most of the crowd is headed for the spectacular ambience and perhaps you should join them too.

2.  Mumbai:

With celebrity sightings and a perky party atmosphere, Mumbai too is unparalleled in catering to the New Year cheer, be it sitting at the club and drinking or be it standing by the beach a glass in hand while the rest of the city sky is lit up in fireworks, the cosmopolitan feel of the New Year cheer can be best felt in Mumbai. With most hotels and lounges setting up for the New Year cheer, party scene cannot be anything but spectacular.

3.  Delhi:

For a taste of elite, expensive parties, the country’s capital is the place you should be in for the New Year. With expensive and exclusive night clubs, where you can party till the wee hours of the morning, to farmhouse and mansion parties that are thrown by eclectic billionaires of the city, for rich taste of party life Delhi is the destination you should be headed to. You can taste the feel of the celebrity owned clubs of Delhi which are generally jam packed for the special night.


4.  Bangalore:

For a fun yet cosy cheer of the party life, Bangalore or Bengaluru as it is now called, should be in your list of New Year Destinations. Even if out with a few friends on a New Year night, the warmth that the people of the city exude will make it sufficient for you to have a great time and feel like you’re an indispensable part of the lovely city.

5.  Kolkata:

Earlier known as the culturally elite city of India, thriving in arts and literature, Kolkata has evolved into a major party destination in recent years. With Nightclubs that will literally have you on your feet all night long, Kolkata is the place to be in, if you are looking to dance the night away free of any inhibitions.

6.  Manali:

If looking for the snowy cheer of winters that is essential for the spirit of a New Year in your opinion then, Manali is the place for you. With the chilly mountain wind blowing in your face and the snow-capped terrain being affronted to you, the parties organized on New Year’s at Manali have a unique earthy flavour enough to fill you with the celebratory spirit. The neighbouring areas like Solang valley famous for the winter sports activities that you can indulge in, make up for an interesting change too.

7.  McLeodGanj:

This quaint little town nestled in the lap of Dharamsala in Himanchal Pradesh, is home to one of the best homely experience that can be offered to you. With the feel of the mountainside as you enjoy an eclectic selection of cuisines, be it Tibetan, Japanese or Italian, if on a budget, a holiday in McLeodGanj is next to paradise. You can sit in the quaint little cafs of the town and enjoy the cosy atmosphere.

8.  Pudducherry:

Formerly known as Pondicherry, the city which is home to austerity as well as extravagance is an experience that is both unique and delightful. With fireworks by the sea and street celebration that carry through the night Pudducherry is one of the most memorable experiences to be a part of on a New Year. The street artists of Pudducherry are renowned for the eclectic varieties of performances that they put up on the occasion

9.  Gulmarg:

If away from the wild city life and loud partying, into the lap of Nature sounds like your idea of a perfect celebration, then Gulmarg can be precisely your slice of heaven. With one of the finest ski resorts in the world, the snowy white goodness of the town is perfect to get you in that happy celebrative mood.

10. Kerala:

For a lovely time with your loved one, Kerala is the place to be; you can rent a houseboat in the Keralan backwaters or enjoy the beach parties that are exotic and enthralling. No matter what be choice of having a good time, Kerala will cater to your needs perfectly and keep the New Year experience magical for you. With places like Varkala that attract a lot of international crowd, the beach side beauty of the place is an ideal New Year destination.

Now that you have a list of the finest New Year destinations in India at your disposal, go out and a have a great time.