New Years Eve in Rio can be extremely finny and exciting if you what you can enjoy here and how you will get prepared for the fun. Although the entire city has lots of venue for celebrating the zero hour, beach parties in Rio deserve special mention.

Copacabana and Ipanema beach are famous places for outdoor parties with great food, and exotic music. Most of these parties start with music or live concert. These beach parties are often arranged without charge hence often these parties pull huge traffic.

Before we start narrating some Rio places where you can enjoy your New Years Eve, you must know that you have to book your Rio’s ticket prior to the Fest day.

During Christmas to New Year Rio remains extremely crowded and hence it is a good point to make prior arrangement of the New Year celebration.You can plan your New Year Eve celebration with three special items. One is beach party, second is New Year special dinner, and third is watching fireworks show.

Beach parties are best arranged in Rio sea beaches and Copacabana Beach, Sugarloaf, Flamengo beach. While massive crowd and lots of fun filled programs are signature attractions of Copacabana Beach, those are fond of lesser cord and merrymaking is a sober way so far Flamingo beach is the best destination for them for enjoying New Years Eve.

Free concerts run in this place while some famous artists host their live show here. Otherwise DJs do play exotic numbers for making every moment in party a great fun and way of gala celebration. These parties are mostly safe and descent. However some exceptions may take place as at the gathering point of multitudes often some logistics related problems pops up.

Those who want to spend the New Years Eve are posh and luxurious way, Sugarloaf is a great option for them.

South American cuisine is world famous for its tangy, savory, spicy taste. In New Year Eve enjoying a dinner with South American cuisine will be great idea. Rio has some wonderful restaurants of America housed in the city and most of these restaurants maintain their special menu on this special night.

Check with local newspapers or local shopping discount site for restaurants deal in Rio, you will surely find some amazing offers. However don’t forget to book your table at least before 3-4 days of the special day to avoid the agony of last minutes no entry tantrum of the restaurants’ managements.

Watching fireworks at the zero hour is one of the most hot-in demand events of the day and this is best watched on Copacabana beach for 15-20 minutes. Those are allergic for huge crowd, may plan to book a dinner table at a hotel near this Copacabana beach area.

You can watch the firework show also from your table. In 2019, Flamengo is also going to host its Fireworks show, parade, and live music convert on New Year Eve, so options have become doubled at one plunge.

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