Often we feel confused that how to spend an eventful, romantic New Year Eve with boyfriend. Unfortunately pampering a boyfriend is absolutely different men have typical preferences.

If you want to pamper your boyfriend in this coming NYE being at the safer side, you have to treat him like a man and have to pamper his ego.

However, read here how to treat your boyfriend on the eve of New Year so that you can take the relationship to the next level.

You can really make your New Year Eve most happening if you plan a cozy date in your house. Arrange some tasty but simple dinner, play some good music, and arrange some good movies to watch. You and your boyfriend can speak endlessly and get candid to know more about each other.

Away from all tantrums and doldrums of world outside you two will be able to make a world of your own and that is one of the most romantic plans possible with your boyfriend. Greet the zero hour with a passionate kiss on his lips and tell him that you really love him a lot.

Arrange a long drive

Surprise your boy friend with your driving skill. Allow him to sit beside you, while you drive the car for some unknown destination. Play some good music and have some fruit juice ready in the car for your relaxed snacking. He will not only be amused, he will be happy for sure. Treat him like a special guest of honor with dignified feminine charm and he will be fallen for you second time. Don’t forget to stop in front of a roadside restaurant and to have some snacks for keeping tummy happy.


Plan for a party

Host a party where you two will arrange everything like shopping, planning the theme, managing the menu, and decorating the hall, inviting friends, etc. This working together will create a great bonding between you two. On New Year Eve when you two will conduct the party bash, it will be the most romantic gift for each other which is the like the prelude of your happy conjugal life in future.

Go for a sports venture

Perhaps you have found your boyfriend a sports maniac. Surprise him by booking a ticket of the hottest Ice skating club where you two can participate in skating. We can bet that your boyfriend will be happy and above all he will be surprised by discovering the daring and outgoing aspect of your personality. Spend the evening with him on ice skating board. The strenuous workout will be enjoyable for both of you in each other’s company. It will be indeed romantic for both of you.

Enjoy the zero hour

You can plan something out of the way for celebration of the zero hour like

  • Raise a toast of champagne
  • Watch a fireworks show at nearest location
  • Take some special resolution together
  • Tell him that he is the special person for ever in your heart

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