Well, it is said that it is the hardest task to please a girlfriend unless you are honest, committed, and sincere to her.

Therefore whatever you will plan on NYE be honest and sincere otherwise the Lady Sherlock Holmes will surely smell your fake innuendo and you plan will be all doomed.

Treat your girlfriend like a fairy queen and you will be amazed how she will reciprocate it back.

Take her to a dance program

You can book ticket for a ball dance program or salsa dance party on this NYE. These are couples’ dance and you can bring her closer to you emotionally by pampering her with sweet words and physically also as these dances demand intimacy. However but never be extrovert or never impose a quickie on her. Once she will feel comfortable she herself will be closer to you and we can bet you will be on cloud nine.

Arrange a candlelight Dinner

Arrange a candlelight dinner after the dance is over. Pamper her with your greatest sincerity. Allow her to speak and you become a good listener. Ask her more about her friends and family. This will make her sure that you are concerned about her total well being. In this way you will be able to express your love and concern for her. Once she is sure of your earnest desire to please her, be rest assured you will have the best romantic evening with her.


Take her to disc

If your girlfriend loves to rock and roll take her to a good disc. However for that you have to book the ticket long before the day because most of the good rock and Roll NYE parties gets filled quite a long time before the day. However, there also do not behave like too protective but always care for her in a tender way. Never let her feel alone, or never try to become too intimate.


Take her to a walk

It may not sound very romantic but actually the idea is packed with romance. Walking side by side with your girl friend is a wonderful way to express your love and ardent passion for her. You may ask politely if you can held her on street but never impose your will on her. While walking on the street, you better find some riverside roads where there will be lesser crowd. Offer her a candy or for an ice cream on that snowy weather. However do not go for a place which is not safe for your physical safety.


Take her to a church

It may not sounding cool, but the girl will feel special for sure if you take her to the Church on NYE. Take a resolution in front of her that you will always be sincere and loving to her. The special moment, the background of the church and the ambience will create an auspicious moment where romance is innocent, pure, and selfless.  In fact after dinner this is the best way to let her feel that she is priceless for you.

No matter you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend, on NYE try to enjoy every moment with love and passion with your partner. You passion and sincerity will generate incredible romantic moments.


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