Different people adopt different ways to welcome the New Year; some like to spend it quietly, some like to enjoy with family and friends whereas the others like to be a part of a huge crowd.

If you are looking for some great ideas to spend the eve, here are some crispy tips:

  1. If you are among those who like to welcome the New Year with a bang, visit places like time square in New York or Sydney in Australia. You will have the company of thousands of people who dance, sing, drink and enjoy as they welcome the New Year.

  3. You can visit the Eiffel tower, and can witness a spectacular show of romantic fireworks with your beloved. Keep your hands locked and feel the warmth of companionship. Enjoy every bit of togetherness and see the tower lighting up as the clock strikes 12.

  5. For youngsters, a friendly get together is a nice idea to spend the eve. Make prior plans and meet at a nice place where you can sit and talk for a while before jumping into good food and drinks.


  7. A nice discotheque can be a destination on the New Year eve. You will get the like- minded crowd who likes to shake legs with anyone known or unknown and greet the Year with lights, sound and action.

  9. Why don’t you make a plan to hit the theatres during the 31st? Arrange for the tickets beforehand, sit, relax and enjoy every scene of the movie with your friends of beloved and when you come out, the year has changed in the calendar!

  11. You can arrange for a small party at your home where your close friends and family can be invited. See every detail of the arrangement so that there is no scarcity in food, drinks, hospitality and above all, enjoyment. You can also choose a proper theme of your choice for the party.

  13. You can plan for a nice dinner at a good restaurant with your family members, and spend some quality time. Take your kids, give them gifts, and welcome the New Year with smile on innocent faces.
  14. You can arrange for a simple get together of 4/5 friends. Sit in a small circle and enjoy some good food, drinks and snacks while gossiping and sharing thoughts.

  16. You can book a luxury cruise with proper arrangements of food, and drinks for the eve. Invite your friends and family to have a wonderful evening while saying a welcome to a new year over the ocean.

  18. You can plan to cook for your entire family that evening and surprise with some delicious mouthwatering food that they will remember lifelong.

  20. You can go to some secluded beach with your beloved and take a long walk. Enjoy the lashing waves and brightly lit moon and feel the joy of being together.

  22. If you are in a mood to explore the city, hire a cab and set out with your family. Nothing can match the quality time spent as you drive from one part to the other.

  24. If you are a rock music lover, arrange passes for the nearest rock concert. Don’t forget to get some drinks and enjoy the musical night. Also don’t forget to scream at the top of your voice when your favorite artist rocks the stage.

  26. If classics charm you till date, why don’t take the opportunity to give yourself a “classical” treat during the eve? You can get some passes for some symphony nights or opera shows and thus follow an elegant, traditional but classy way to welcome the New Year.

  28. You can enjoy every minute of the New Year eve in a formal ball room, with your beloved. As your partner swings in your arms while dancing, you will feel being in heaven. As the countdown begins, raise a toast to greet the New Year with everyone around.

  30. If you are planning to spend the evening at home, go for some nice decorations before the year ends. Illuminate every room with scented candles or colorful bulbs. Make crafty stars or balls and hang them all around. Play some light music and sit with a glass of champagne to enjoy every sip of it.

  32. You can celebrate the New Year eve by sending gifts to all your friends. Buy small baskets and fill them with small little delicacies like chocolates, CD’s, DVD, and visit everyone’s place or call them at a common place. You will never forget the joy that this little gesture will bring on their face.

  34. At your home you can arrange for a firework party where you ask you invitees to bring their own favorite cracker and light them up together. As the clock strikes midnight, surprise your guests with a special “HAPPY NEW YEAR” firework from your side.

  36. You can enjoy all alone with your television set. See how the world celebrates as the new year begins and enjoy by yourself without being bothered by any noise pollution.

  38. Sit in a circle with all your family members to ponder over what they have experienced last year. Make a list of what went incomplete and see what all can be done to improve your life in the upcoming year.

  40. If you are alone then you can order some good food, watch some good movies and enjoy all alone.

  42. You can also make others happy during the times. Collect all your old belongings and distribute them among the poor children on the street.

  44. Keep the evening only for listing down the resolutions for the next year. Think and jot them down carefully so that you fulfill every one of them.

  46. Spend the eve all alone with your girlfriend or wife. You can even propose to your beloved and she will surely accept with a smile.

  48. Spend the entire evening in the church or the holy place with the almighty. Ask for his forgiveness and blessings for the New Year and get the inner peace.

So make sure, whichever you choose to do the evening, it must make you happy so that you can say a big “hello” to the new year and forget all your past mistakes and grief. Try it and you will be successful.

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