Times Square, with its splendid and magnificent celebrations, remains in the centre of the spotlight on New Years Eve. The spectacular annual show at Times Square, with an astounding skyline in the background, do ensures some extraordinary time on New Years Eve.

The way with which Times Square celebrates New Years Eve, is quite a precise reason for calling it to be one of the best places on the planet, where one should be on New Years Eve.

Times Square, apart from being emerged as a face of the New York City and the centre of the commercial intersection, has also gained one other eminence in the history. That eminence is associated with the celebrations and festivities it hosts on New Years Eve. Rather than being confined to a bracket of national celebration, it has grown up in stature to be called as the world’s celebration on New Years Eve.

Those who possibly can make a visit to Times Square do travel all the way to be a physical part of its celebrations, and those can’t, feel the spirit of it by watching it live on their television. There are many such souls spread in all corners of the world who even after being at a lot of physical distance from Times Square; do dance, shout, cheer, and smile in concord with an estimated one million people present live at Times Square.

Times Square Celebrations on New Years Eve

At the stroke of midnight, as soon as New Years Eve Ball is descended from the flagpole atop, all those present at Times Square cheer out with happiness, joy, smiles, and vibrancy all around. The scene is miraculously dynamic, and possibly the most royal one with which one can bid a farewell to the Old Year and mark a welcome to the New Year. It is followed by night long celebrations, in the form of live shows, music concerts, and fireworks shows. Many eminent performers from all over the world put across scintillating performances of their respective genre, leaving the crowd of the biggest party craving for more.

The two-minute fireworks show at midnight is another most awaited part of New Years Eve celebration at Times Square. As soon as the spectacular fireworks show is set off, all eyes get hooked to the sky. People cheer and whistle at every blow, and most of them make sure to capture the moment in their cameras for further memories. Meanwhile, people keep on waving balloons, pompoms, and other fun handouts.

However, before any of these major attractions arrives, there are many other things associated with celebrations. Starting from 7 in the evening, a half a minute video countdown takes places after every hour. This video countdown is displayed over the giant video screens placed at frequent distances. These giant video screens, otherwise keep on putting the smiling faces of all those present on the screen, and is also used for filling ears with music.

The fun handouts, pompoms, and balloons, which are waved by everyone all through New Years Eve, are distributed to as many people as possible by the sanitations crews employed for the night. After the fireworks show, renowned New Years Eve confetti are dropped down from the buildings throughout the Times Square, spreading colors all around.

Anyone who wishes to be a part of this prolific evening should arrive as early as possible, to get a close and clear view of the Times Square. Arriving late might make one stand far too behind or sometimes too behind to see anything. All the viewing sections get filled up quickly, and by 6 pm, entry points also start getting close. Also, do make sure to wear warm clothes (as the weather is ‘shivering’ cold), and arrive on time with food and drink (non-alcoholic) arrangements in place, as it is long night.

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