Are you among those who never leave any opportunity to party hard – especially on the New Year eve? Interestingly, though culture and customs are different in each part of the world, but every human soul likes to spend the time with family and friends, enjoying to the fullest! If you really want to welcome the brand New Year in a brand new destination, apart from your own place, here are some unique places you can consider to see the clock strike 12’o clock….

New York, USA:
Almost all the people, who choose New York for the occasion, usually visit the Times Square. For more than 100 years, around 1 million people witness the giant ball drop; where 1 ton of confetti is dropped over the city as soon as the clock strikes 12! Isn’t that incredible? Not only that, several other events like performance by some of the best artists in the world are there to catch your eye. You will definitely come across some of the best multi-cuisine restaurants and bars ever found across the globe. Can you really find some better ways of celebrating the New Year other than this?

Niagara Falls, Canada

You can spend a rocking New Year eve amidst the gorgeous scenic beauty of the Niagara Falls with your family and friends. Otherwise you can enjoy some quality of food and drinks at the Queen Victoria Park, watching topnotch international performers delivering their bests! You can also witness dual round of fireworks here as well. You can also take your family to Clifton Hill, which is an amusement park that offers all types of activities to be enjoyed by all members of the family. You can also get some live music; form some local musicians, to soothe your ears amidst the crowd. If you are up to some adult atmosphere, you can hit the Niagara Falls view Casino Resort for a “fiscal” entertainment.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil grooms itself in a far better way when it comes to New Year celebration. There is a very special event organized called Reveillon, which is a day-long carnival of music performed on different stages of the famous Copacabana beach, including dancing, eating in abundance. You can also see some traditional events like offering rice, flowers and perfumes to the almighty. The all white attire of all the participants makes the event look grand. However, you can highly join the beach parties in swim suits or bikinis at night. The most exciting part of the New Year celebration is that you will be shaking your legs with some of the best dancers in the world-the Brazilians.

Edinburgh, Scotland

If you really want to enjoy the annul Hogmanay held in Edinburgh during the New Year, that too free of cost, you must plan properly and reach there much before. You can really witness the traditional street performances with some torch light processions, outdoor parties, band competitions, and fireworks, live music with plenty of drinks and food, and above all, pure entertainment at every part of the city. The organizers keep everyone’s preferences in mind and arrange it accordingly.

Goa, India

Goa happens to be India’s answer to the world when it comes to New Year celebrations. India is one place which remains warmer during December and you can enjoy every minute of your party forgetting the chill. The beaches in Goa are awesome anytime of the year and for that special evening, almost all resorts merge together to give a uniform look to the grand celebration.

London, UK

You can get a huge range of bars, clubs, and multi-cuisine restaurants to satisfy your taste buds during the New Year’s Eve. Since most of the places you can visit are not free, you need to a little search to find a cost effective place where you can enjoy some live music and great performances. Whether you hit the traditional Trafalgar Square or the trendy London Eye, you can enjoy good fireworks at midnight and welcome the Year with a smile on your face.

Tokyo, Japan

If you are ready to enjoy the New Year celebrations for a whole week, Tokyo is the best place to be. Leave apart the common concepts of fireworks, food and dance; you can enjoy some traditional food like Toshikoshi Soba or New Years Eve noodle that is specially designed with a purpose of long, healthy life. You can also enjoy the eve listening to the Watch-Night Bell or Juya No Kane that symbolizes a prosperous new year by ringing for 108 times at the temples all over the country. The crowd is seen mostly in the Tower of Tokyo, to celebrate Omisoka or New Year’s Eve celebrated in Tokyo style, some also prefer to visit the Zojoji Temple where people build bonfires, eat and drink and enjoy with their loved ones.

Paris, France:

How does it feel to celebrate the New Year in the city of love and romance? You can get some awesome street parties, or can enjoy crowd and fireworks in the Montmarte or Champs-Elysees. Enormous food, unlimited drinking and entertainment in all forms are available to satisfy every one’s need.

Koh Phangan, Thailand:

If you are interested to spend the New Year eve in Asia, Koh Phangan is the best place to be. This Thai island witnesses the wildest but biggest parties under the sun, with almost 50000 people at the same place, and the official attire being the swim suits and flip flops because while the party is on, you may take a tour under the crystal clear water of the beach. Isn’t that exciting?

Sydney, Australia:

This city is supposed to have the best fireworks on the Sydney harbor, as the two hands of the clock meets perpendicularly. The climate is soothing because it is summer here! Almost half of the world visits the place to witness this grand event. If you don’t want to be a part of the crowd you can also enjoy the festivity on water, in a boat with your beloved. Perhaps this is the best way you can start a bashing New Year!

A new year always brings new rays of hope. So come out of your shell and see how the world welcomes the brand New year with love, and warmth. Will not that be a great way to forget whatever happened in the past year and start afresh?

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