Venezuela is not some minute South American country that’s lost in space or antiquity. Its one of the most colorful, vibrant and culturally rich nation’s offering a spectacular holiday opportunity to celebrate New Years Eve. The incision on New Years Eve in Venezuela offers to guide you in your sojourn to Venezuela this New Year.

Venezuela is the place with the largest of South America’s lake and third longest river and also endowed with the highest waterfall in the world. Caracas the capital town is connected and enshrouded by green forested hills etc.

This country divided into nine geographical regions has not only lakes and mountains and water falls also has sea beaches and national park and islands to offers to the tourists for experiencing a wonderful holiday and be gifted with the memories of a life time. The other key cities in Venezuela include Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, Valencia, Maracay and Ciudad Guyana.

The Venezuela travel and tourism offers a holiday package in the best of the hotels of Venezuela. The hotels offer a variety of facilities and tourist packages etc tempting lunch and dinner packages form another salient feature of the holiday deals in these hotels.


New Years Eve Celebration in Venezuela

You can also enjoy the local songs or bands and local dance troupes in the hotels and celebrate New Years Eve in the Venezuelan style.The list of hotels offering facilities at a reasonable price is Caracas Hilton, Gran Melia Caracas, Cct Best Western, Lincoln Suits- Venantur, Las Americas Etc. the major tourist attractions in Venezuela are Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica, Palm Spring Sizzles, Costa Linda Beach and Gran Melia Caracas. The other popular destinations are canaima national park, caracas, los roques national park, margarita island etc.

The vibrant and colorful experience of New Year celebrations invariably reaches out to millions through the spectacular and colorful cultural shows and family community celebrations where people get to enjoy New Years Eve with their loved ones. The nightclubs offer a gorgeous night life with contests and facilities for couples. The children can enjoy free game shows and adults can enjoy dance and music shows and contests and lots more.

Lastly not to forget the holiday cruises and the beach carnivals which are an exotic source help you enjoy and have a gala time with your family and don’t miss out on the exclusive shopping experiences.

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