Zanzibaris one of the finest destinations to be at for celebrating the big night of the year- December 31st.

The natural beauty of the place, marvelous attractions and the fun party scene draws in a good crowd on the New Years Eve.

It is the place to be at if you are looking for a perfect beach New Years Eve vacation as there are stunning beaches located off the coast of Zanzibar. Here are some of the suggestions that you can follow for a grand celebration on the New Years Eve in Zanzibar.


Head to the coral-ridge Chumbe Island, situated off the coast of Zanzibar that offers the right mix of luxurious living and ecological experience. It is a perfect haven for people who want to be away from the madding crowd of the city. Couples looking for solace come to this secluded haven on the New Years Eve to review on the year gone by and to enjoy some privacy. The island paradise gives you the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of the beach and tranquil atmosphere that is needed to ponder on the acts done in the past.


You can organize a camp-fire at your private beach and enjoy some magical moments with your partner by being in a thatched eco-bungalow available at the Chumbe Island. Explore the diversity of marine life in the marine protected coral park or undertake snorkeling on the eve of the New Year to have a unique experience. Tourists head to this place on New Years Eve for complete relaxation and ecological, luxurious living.


Those bored of gazing at the fireworks or hip-hopping at the discs to groovy dance tunes and wish to be close to nature on the New Years Eve can head to Jambiani beach. This pristine beach is located in south-east Zanzibarand offers a peaceful atmosphere for New Year holiday tourists. Soak in the sounds of the sea waves breaking against the shores or listen to the soft breeze blowing the leaves of the palm trees for a different kind of a celebration on the night of December 31st. Watch the beach landscape change as a change takes place in the annual Calendar. Make merry on the New Year’s Eve by hanging out at the local beer shops and tiny-friendly cafes located along the beach.


The main party scene of Zanzibaris the Kendwa rocks and the beach. Let your New Year’s Eve in Zanzibarturn blissful as you relax on the idyllic stretch of white sand and watch the turquoise sea waves hitting the shores. Head to the bar on the night of December 31st to enjoy the wide variety of drinks and heady cocktails served here. Dance with other revelers or relax by laying down the white sand beach while gazing at the blue skies, a New Year’s Eve at Kendwa beach promises to be real fun.


Another great way to usher in the New Year inZanzibaris to explore the streets and market places of the city steeped in history and discover the marvelous sights and sounds.

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