Vietnamese New Year Gift Ideas

Wish you all a very happy New Year! Enhance the celebration mood by surprising your loved ones with Vietnamese New Year gifts. The New Year celebrations of Vietnamese are known as “Tet” and it is considered a time of family and friends gathering.

New Year Vietnamese gifts are exchanged with all the near and dear ones. The traditional Vietnamese offer all the presents to the kitchen God. This custom is believed very auspicious and the kitchen God is known as “tao”.


Show you love and express the greetings by exchanging Vietnamese gifts on New Year. Here are some wonderful ideas for you make the right pick.

Vietnamese New Year gift ideas

Ecological cool recycled paper vase – On the New Year party you can present this wonderful art piece for your friends. This is made by old magazine pulp and it is one of the best hand made gift items for New Year. Surprise your elder members in the family or colleagues by ordering this simply yet very attractive vase which is also very eco-friendly.


When you are invited by your Vietnamese friends it would be a nice gesture to take this handmade art piece to their home. This could be one of the best Vietnamese New Year gifts because they can relate with it.


White Lotus lamp – The stunning looking blooming lotus lamp would surely match with any interior décor. You can gift this gorgeous home decoration lamp to any Vietnamese family. The lamp comes in various colors and shades. You can also opt for textured ones to match it with the room colors.


This elegant lamp can adorn your bedroom, study room, living area and also work place. It is one of the hand crafted items in Vietnam which is made with high quality moiré silk. The base is made with ebony wood and is available in different sizes also.


Salad bowl set – For your women friends you can order for this amazing seven piece salad bowl set which is made in wood. You find the best cherry finish on the rubber wood art piece. This can be an excellent New Year gift to your peer at work place and also, long distance friends. More options available in this cute gift from Vietnam are –


  • Engraved Large Cherry Bowl
  • Handles serving bowl
  • Black maple harvest bowl
  • Black small walnut bowl
  • Spalted Oval Salad Bowl


Hand craved Mini – Drawer – The tiny and cute looking hand made art piece is definitely one of the best gift ideas for New Year. You would simply love this small drawer or box made in stone. The major feature of this mini drawer is the craving done on it. It simply makes the plain looking box very elegant.


The beautiful designs and elaborate cravings on the soapstone pieces look magnificent. Vietnamese are known for the best hand made and this truly one of the best among those. These small boxes can be used as keepsake, for keeping jewelry pieces and gold coins. Your near and dear ones would undoubtedly fall in love with incredibly pretty Vietnamese New Year gift. You can find this small box in two shades – red and black.


Astound your special people in life by picking the right Vietnamese New Year gifts.


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Personalized New Year Gift Ideas

Its New Year party time! You can find celebrations, gifts and greetings everywhere. Turn this festivity more meaningful by sharing personalized New Year gifts with all your loved ones.

Here are some very unique ideas for you to make the best pick of personalized New Year gifts. You don’t have to spend huge amount on presents just be more expressive and spill the magic of love and affection.


Coffee mugs – You would be really excited to give personalized New Year gifts to all your loved ones. Coffee mugs are one of the very popular New Year presents. You can order for plain mugs and get any prints done on it. The new calendar can be printed on it; you can go for zodiac signs and just for some celebration pictures.


Become a reminder for your near and dear ones by presenting the coffee mugs this New Year. Add some personal touch by getting their name or initial engraved on it.


Planner/ Diary – Its New Year and you want to convey your hearty messages to all your colleagues. You can get a planner or annual diary printed for this. Give it personal feel by adding New Year quotations or messages in it. You can also, get pictures of all your friends printed on every month of the calendar.


This would be surely a very impressive New Year gift for your friends and peer working with you.

New Year Gifts for Him

Designer wallet – Your sweetheart would simply love to get personalized wallet on New Year eve. This could be very nice gift for any of the male members in your family or friends.


Order for customized genuine leather wallets with your partner’s name or any love note embossed on it. This would definitely be a very pleasant New Year gift idea.


Wine and champagne – Order for the best wine or champagne bottle for the New Year eve celebrations. Turn the party time more romantic and magical by getting a set of wine glasses and bottle of wine for your sweetheart.


You can give the bottle a personal touch by getting love messages, New Year wishes or greetings engraved on it. Some of the best gifts are –


  • Dom Perignon Magnum
  • Cuvee William Deutz Champagne
  • Freixenet Carta Nevada Semi-Secco
  • Bollinger NV Special Cuvée Champagne
  • Roederer Cristal
  • Deutz Brut Classic Champagne


New Year Gift Ideas for Her

Platinum bracelets – Nothing could be more personal than, getting a piece of jewelry for your darling on New Year. Women fall for ornaments then why not get her platinum personalized New Year gifts.


Order for special bracelets made in platinum with embellishments and get her name or initial engraved on it. She would surely love it.


Silk robe – Send her what feelings you desire by getting her silk robe on New Year eve. Make her feel the soft and silky material on her body and turn your New Year romantic. You can also, add lingerie with this. For New Year personal gifts you order for intimate inner wears for your wife or lover.


Wish a wonderful New Year celebration hope you find the best personalized New Year gifts for all your loved ones.


New Year Gift Ideas
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Jewish New Year Gift Ideas

The Jewish New Year, more popularly known as Rosh Hashanah, is one of the most popular festivals in Jewish society.


This Jewish New Year is observed in the month of Tishri, according to the Gregorian calendar while during the months of September and October. This new year is a celebration of the creation of the earth.

It is believed that it is that day, when God opened the book of fate and wrote the destiny of the earth as well as the human being. Jewish from all over the world celebrates this festival by giving away Jewish New Year gifts to their near and dear ones.


In Hebrew language, Rosh Hashanah refers to the ‘head of the year’ or ‘the Feast of the Trumpets’. Given below are some popular gifts ideas for Jewish New Year:


Jewish New Year Gift Baskets

    • Pure essential Jewish New Year gift: In this gift basket, you can get all the food items, which may include a fresh baked challah, signature chocolate babka, mixed flavor rugelach, and California dried fruit. The fresh baked challah is the must have item for this gift basket. Apart from this, you can add dry fruits in the gift basket.


    • Food baskets for Jewish New Year: Jewish New Year cannot be celebrated with the food baskets. Challah or the two loaves of bread should be there in the food basket. Apart from this, you can add apples and honey in the basket. What you have to do is to dip the apples in the honey and preserve it on a wrapping paper. Moreover, cinnamon, honey, yams, carrots, and prunes can also be added.



    • Babka Gift Basket for Jewish New Year: You can gift a willow basket to your family and friends on this occasion. In this basket, you can add chocolate babka, which is the must have thing. After this, some items like cinnamon babka, black and white cookies, assorted-flavor rugelach, Chukar’s chocolate covered cherries, cashews, chocolate Raspberry Truffle bar, dark chocolate bar with Almonds, coffee, roboostas, and chocolate covered coffee beans.



    • Dry fruit basket for Jewish New Year: If you want to give something healthy to your near and dear ones, you should opt for the dry fruit baskets. These baskets contain all the kosher dry fruits including apricots, pears, almonds, Hawaiian macadamias, peaches, red plums, smoked almonds, Brazilian jumbo cashews and many more. After assorting all the dry fruits, make sure to wrap them wonderfully. Moreover, make sure that all the dry fruits are visible.


These are some of the Jewish New Year gifts, which you can present to your family and friends to make the occasion memorable for them. Foods play a vital role in Jewish New Year celebration and it shows in the gift ideas as well.


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Japanese New Year Gift Ideas

This New Year you are planning to visit Japan. Take some interesting Japanese New Year gifts for your friends. The best way to convey your love and wishes is by sharing beautiful gifts on Japanese New Year.

Show your respect and gratitude by taking flowers, fruit and food items to your Japanese friend’s house. It is very common practice to give and get gifts on such occasions but, it would be really great to exchange personalized New Year gifts with your near and dear ones.

Japanese New Year Family Gifts

Japanese Washi paper clock – New Year brings new time and wall clocks are the very good New Year gift idea. These Japanese New Year gifts come in various colors and prints. From zodiac sign, kanji numbers and large kanji characters adorned on the large wooden wall clocks – the wall clocks are favorite family gifts for Japanese.

Noren Curtain – These are Japanese designs for window dressings and room dividers. The curtains are made of fabrics that can simply adorn the living spaces. These are very suitable for wall hanging or for special area decorations.

The Noren curtains are very popular New Year Japanese presents. The word ‘Noren’ means spilt curtains in Japanese. It is usually hanged to prevent the home or shop from sunlight and dust. Get the most vibrant shades of these gorgeous curtains for your loved ones this New Year.

Personalized Japanese New Year Gift Ideas

Furoshiki – This is one of the most ancient and traditional Japanese gift items. For close friends and partner you can get this personal stuff on New Year. “Furoshiki” means a square piece of cloth which is used for bathing. Earlier it was used for bathing and carrying toiletries but, with the change in style of usage it to wrap anything.

The cloth is replaced by handbags and is not used as routine item. This is beautifully made by using silk or satin fabric with thread work on it. It is more of a decorative item which is hanged on walls and wrapped around delicate gift articles.

Kokeshi dolls – For the younger girls you can get the cute looking Kokeshi dolls as, Japanese New Year gift. The dolls are made of natural wood with cylindrical body and round head. These are popularly known as “Sayonara dolls”. This is one of the very favorite items as New Year presents among young girls.

Make the gift personalized by adding your sweet girl’s name on it. You can also, get custom made dolls for your loved ones.

New Year Gifts Ideas – You would be looking out for more ideas for New Year celebrations. Here are some more gift ideas for you.

  • Ninja Sword Set
  • Juniper in a Water Bonsai Pot
  • Engraved Japanese Wood Chopsticks
  • Basho the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture Glass-Topped Table
  • Origami Crane Necklace
  • Elegant Japanese Calligraphy Tea Set
  • Pure silk kimono
  • Gingerbread House Tea Mug
  • Lucky Red Takeout Box with Chopsticks Favor

Wish a very happy New Year and hope you get and give the most incredible Japanese New Year gifts for your near and dear ones.

New Year Gift Ideas
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New Year Gift Ideas For Women

It is known to all that most women are sentimental about gifts. To them, every detail and every gesture counts. As the New Year approaches you are surely looking forward to making it special for the women in your life by gifting them something thoughtful and nice – be it your mom, aunt, grand-mom, sister, girlfriend, wife or friend.

These gifts would be intimate and personal. But then again you should be ready with a set of formal gift ideas for those ladies who may be your boss, colleague, teacher or business associate. We present before you a set of New Year Gift ideas for Women that combine the two – but remember that these are just ideas for you to work upon.

And before you dispatch or take your gift to the recipient, do not forget to wrap them in a beautiful paper, or put them in a lovely gift box or bag, or tie a cute bow of ribbon round the gift – in short, put emphasis on the presentation, for these little things make a huge impression on a woman’s mind.

  • Homemade cake or cookies – If you want to get the ‘awwws’ and ‘aaahhhhs’, and hit the soft spot on a women’s heart, try your hands on baking a cake or a batch of cookies. This would be a great gift for any woman you know – be it your neighbor, teacher, friend, associate or relative. Simple recipes are available for beginners. Even if that seems too much for you get a ready to use cake or cookie mix and simply follow the instructions on the back of the pack.
  • Fashion Accessories – No woman would even think that she has enough accessories in her closet. Accessories could be as expensive as a precious metal and stone jewelry, say in case of your mother or wife; as formal as a leather wallet, in case of a colleague or associate; or as dressy as a shoe or belt or fashion jewelry, in case of your friend or sister.
  • Store Credits – Most women love to shop, and when you are unsure of what to gift a woman, the best gift would perhaps be a store credit that fits your budget. Make sure you chose a store that would offer various options so that the recipient can pick something that is of interest to her. Example – a store credit of a crafts store will be useless for a person who is not into creative stuff, a store that deals with gardening is futile for a person who does not possess a green thumb, etc. However, some people think that this playing safe method lacks warmth and personal touch. Add these by writing a line or two on the gift envelope that holds the card. Surely no one can deny the utility of these cards!
  • Toiletries – Most women would find a basket of aromatic toiletries too tempting to resist. Club together a bottle each soothing bath salt, essential oils, moisturizers and body mist to make a lovely yet useful hamper. You could also consider gifting a perfume – if you are unsure of the woman’s taste stick to a fragrance that is neither too mild nor too strong.
  • Books or DVDs – For a voracious reader or a movie buff, nothing can bring more happiness than a book for a DVD. However, it is important to make sure that you don’t gift one that the recipient already possesses. When in doubt, a gift card from a reputed bookstore or a DVD store would be your savior. If you want to gift a year full of pleasure, a membership subscription to a library (book or DVD) would do the trick.
  • Home Décor – Most women take pride in their home. Add to its beauty by gifting an item that would enhance the beauty of her residence. It could be something as delicate as a porcelain plate on a stand for her hutch, a beautiful vase or showpiece for her mantle, a framed art to spruce up the walls – the options are endless. It would be best if you kept in mind the taste of the recipient and whether her home has a theme. Example – if her home is designer French country style, a modern piece of décor would not fit in (although it would be a great gift for someone with a contemporarily done up home); or if her home is rustic, a mirror made of shells would not look appropriate (although someone with a nautical décor would love it for her home).
  • Games for Girls’ Nights – If the lady in question is a social butterfly, you could gift her a game set that she can play with her friends as they spend hours chatting and giggling. There are many board games and card games available in the markets that allow multiple players to have fun.
  • China to show off when she’s entertaining – If the lady in question loves to entertain, she would surely treasure an elegant dinner set or a set of crystal glasses. A set of serving bowls, platters and spoons would also make her a functional and cherished gift. On a smaller scale, a dessert bowl set or a set of coffee mugs are also handy and appreciated.
  • Gift Hampers – When you are unsure of what would make the woman in question happy, you can consider assembling a number of small gifts (like chocolates, cookies, snack sachets, soft toys etc) and making a hamper out of them. Wrap it beautifully and send it along with some flowers.
  • A Bottle of Wine – For a woman who enjoys the luxuries of life, a bottle of Riesling or a Rose Shiraz or a Dessert Wine would seal the deal. If you want to make it a little more elaborate add a small platter of fruit, chocolates or cheese alongside.

New Year Gift Ideas
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New Year Gift Ideas For Men

As the New Year approaches we really get a little anxious about what to gift our loved ones. New Year Gift ideas for Men make sure that the gifts you present are not only nice but are functional as well. These are gifts that the man would enjoy not only during the holiday season, but also for the rest of the year.

The key is to fish out the person’s interest area and figure out your budget – then it gets easier for you to plan your gift based on these data. We bring you a variety of gift ideas in a wide range of budget options.

You should remember that these are generic ideas that you can customize according to your wish and also the wants of the recipient/s. You should also keep in mind the relationship you share with the man – for example, a gift to your father or brother perhaps can be a little intimate, while a gift to your colleagues or teachers or business associates would be a tad more formal.

  • Electronics and Gadgets: Well, there is no doubt about the fact that guys love gadgets. No matter how many they possess, they crave for newer versions and also enhancement options. If you know the gadget that the man has been lusting after this New Year, you can surprise him by gifting him just that. Otherwise also, there are vast range of electronics and gadgets to choose from depending on your budget. It could be something as affordable as a Bluetooth Headphone set for his mobile or as state of the art as a home theater or outdoor grill. And in between there are hundreds of options like tablets, mobile phones, gaming gadgets – the list is endless.
  • A Personal Grooming Kit: This New Year you can consider gifting a new look to your male friends or family members, and see how their jaw drops as they get the revamp. This fun and unique gifting idea is not for those men with whom you share a formal relationship. Although men’s interest in fashion is far underrated, they generally do get excited about flaunting a style that befits them. Some reputed brands also come up with boxed gift options keeping in mind the festive season. For men on the go, a travel sized grooming kit will be an asset as well as frequent companion.
  • Gift Baskets: When you are unsure of the likes and dislikes of the man you are planning to gift, it is best to play it safe with a gift basket. Beautifully designed and presented these are eye candies in themselves. Several online shops and local florists and confectioners offer a plethora of gif basket options depending on your budget. Wine and Cheese or Coffee and Cookies or Chocolates and Chocolates and Liqueurs make excellent gifting options.
  • Fashion or Sports Accessories: The metro-sexual man is very conscious about how he dresses. If you are looking for pocket friendly options a smart tie or a set of cufflinks would surely serve your purpose and his as well. If you are in a mood to splurge, a business suit or a sports jacket would surely be treasured. Fashion accessories make intimate gifting. But for a man with whom you share a tad more formal relationship, a sports accessory would work wonders. Depending on your budget and the person’s interests, these could range from a personalized baseball cap to a fishing rod and line to a golf club.
  • Stationeries and Office Supplies: For the man who loves his things to be meticulous and organized, no gift can be better than a year planner, or a desk calendar. Personalize your gifts (online or in kiosks available for the purpose in most shopping malls) with pictures of the recipient or select a theme in keeping with his hobbies that would appeal to the person right away. A leather bound set of stationary items would not only be functional but also add elegance to his desk. These also make great formal or corporate gifts for your male colleagues, associates et al.
  • Club Membership Program: Depending on the interest the man shares, you can gift him a club membership like Nature Club, Culinary Club, Trekking or Mountaineering Club – the options available are endless. For the ones who are more laid back, there are even Clubs like Wine and Food, Beer or Coffee Clubs that would make them enjoy the finer things of life.  Either ways a club membership like this will not only keep them happily occupied in their leisure time but also would win them friends they shall treasure for life. However, make sure you know what the man’s interests are before you pick up such a membership.
  • Movie or Book Subscription: A book lover would simply love an annual subscription to a local library or even an online one that has a delivery at the doorstep facility. If you are aware of the person’s interests, you could even buy him a yearly subscription to a magazine of his choice – business, sports, travel, nature, computers – the list of subject oriented magazines are endless these days. For the movie buff a local DVD library membership or an online one with home delivery services would provide hours of entertainment all through the year. This gifting option is appropriate for both formal and informal recipients.
  • Gym Membership: For the fitness conscious man in your life, this is a gift that would be highly appreciated all through the year. And for those men, who are yet to get into a fitness regime, help them to get back to shape this New Year and adopt a healthy lifestyle by helping them developing the habit of exercising. In a few months time they too will thank you for gifting them a healthy future. However, this gifting option is for people who you are pretty close to personally.

Remember, these are just ideas, and you can always add or elaborate on them.

New Year Gift Ideas
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New Year Gift Ideas For Wife

She has added the sparkle of magic to your life. She makes each day an exciting one for you. She makes homecoming an event to look forward to, even if that happens every evening after work. She makes your house a home. Yes, we are talking about your better half, your wife. So this year as the calendar turns a leaf and changes into a brand New Year, make her feel special, cared for and wanted with a New Year’s Gift that is thoughtful and intimate.

Here at 123NewYear we have included both classy and traditional New Year Gift ideas for Wife, as well as experiential (experience) gifts to surprise your lady love; utilitarian gifting options as well as ones that are mischievous in a romantic way.

  • Relieve her from doing the routine household chores – This is one gift that she shall simply love you for. Give her a break from the monotony of the chores and take them up yourself. You can even consider outsourcing some of them, if possible. You may not be as perfect as her in doing these, but it is the gesture that will have her smitten. Complete the experience with a dinner cooked by you, and see how she glows as the two of you finally settle down after dinner for a cozy chit-chat.
  • A romantic evening complete with candlelight dinner – Has the humdrum of the day to day life robbed you of the time to get naughty and pampering to your wife? If yes, then this holiday season is the perfect opportunity to rekindle the passion. You may take her to a swanky restaurant. Let them know beforehand so that they can set the stage for the perfect romance. Or you may set the set yourself at home. You may order in some food or cook a meal yourself. Then turn down the lights and light some scented candles, take out her best china, bring in some fresh flowers and rose petals – voila, she shall fall head over heels in love with you all over again!
  • A couple’s spa package – This is one gift that will take away all the stress and strain that the past year had subjected the two of you, as you get rejuvenated for a fresh start to welcome the brand New Year. Relaxing and private, this would set the mood for romance as the two of you get to spend some quality couple time together. Apart from the relaxation and rejuvenation, the massage therapy would also offer detoxification that would boost the immunity so that you can be hearty and healthy in the New Year.
  • A luxurious bedspread – Well, this gifting option can be as utilitarian or as suggestive as you want to make it. If you are into practical gifting a set with Egyptian cotton will be comfortable and low on maintenance. But you can take this gift one notch up by getting her a luxurious satin bedspread set complete with heart shaped cushions. Shades of pink, peach, grey, beige, and blue are relaxing, white is always pristine, but if you want to imbibe energy to your bedroom romance consider fiery red, rich burgundy or even attractive ebony.
  • Jewelry or Watch – These gifts are classy and timeless – a woman will never get tired of these no matter how many she may have. Diamond and gold jewelry are great investments, but the fashion industry is now going gaga over silver and platinum too. Colored precious stones like emeralds, sapphires, rubies and pearls look stunning; but if they seem a little too expensive for you, settle for semi precious stones like corrals, moonstones and zircons for an impressive gift. Watches too are available in precious stones and metals these days, but can be used on special occasions only. A classy metal band or a smart leather, on the other hand, band will be her constant companion.
  • The glitzy party dress she has been eyeing for a while – Has she has been eyeing a special dress from a renowned designer house for a while? Or is there a dress that you would like to see her in? The New Year is the best time to see her in a new avatar, and it would be great way to present her in a New Year party in a glamorous new look.
  • Gadgets for the home – This is one thing that she can never get enough of. In fact this will be an upgrade for your home. The market today is flooded with eco friendly and energy saving devices, and getting one this New Year would be an investment your wife would really appreciate. If she loves cooking, gift her swanky cooking range, or food processor. If she likes things spic n span a hand held vacuum would be her best friend.
  • Electronic Devices – The modern woman is hooked to electronics. It is part of her daily life. Gifting her a new toy would be appreciated for sure. It could be a digital photo frame, an iPod dock or a sleek tablet, depending on her preference and your budget. You would be the best judge of what she would need or want. Be judicious – gift her something that she shall need, not something that you would like to flaunt.
  • Vacation package – Vacations are much needed after a year full of gruel and grime. This is actually another experience gift idea that your wife could enjoy either on your own, or along with you. You could consider a couple’s vacation in an exotic land – the privacy and change of place will work wonders to rekindle your relationship. Or, you could gift her a vacation that she can enjoy with her bestie, sister or mom. If there is a trekking or camping expedition or say a winery tour that she has been wanting to undertake – now is the time for you to fulfill her dreams.
  • Makeover Magic – This will work especially for those couples who have been married for a while. Book an appointment with an aesthetician, and see the transformation magic. Your wife would surely enjoy the pampering, and you shall have an eye candy in your arms at the New Year parties.

New Year Gift Ideas
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New Year Gift Ideas For Husband

We are sure you want to gift your husband something every New Year that is as unique and special as he is. However, it is pretty difficult to come up with such gift ideas cyclically after each 365 days.

You obviously don’t want it to be repetitive for it spoils half the fun. Also you would want it to be something which he would not only like to receive but also like to retain long after January 1 is over. Here are some gifts ideas that never would fail to appeal to a man. Personalize these to make them one of a kind for your husband.

Remember, these are broad guidelines only. You know your man the best, and would be the best judge of what to gift him that would make his eyes sparkle as soon as he open the package.

  • Personalized Objects – Nothing speaks romance and intimacy loud and clear than a personalized gift. This New Year consider celebrating your romance and cozy liaison by gifting your husband a personalized gift. You can make a desk calendar for him with pictures of the two of you that will bring a smile to his lips even when he is neck deep in work. If your man loves his coffee, gift him a cool mug with his name or picture on to sip his coffee from every morning. Options of personalized gifts are endless, you just have to be a little thoughtful and a tad creative.
  • Tools and Gadgets – If your husband is a D-I-Y kind of a man who is always fumbling with one thing or the other another the house, rewards him this New Year with a brand new tool box complete with innovative gadgets as well as tools of everyday needs.
  • Laptop or its accessories – If your husband is a techie or hooked to the world of the web, he would surely appreciate a gift of a laptop. However, you should know his requirements before you select a model. If a new laptop is beyond your budget or if your man just got himself one, you can spruce up with accessories. A smart laptop bag or a wireless keyboard or mouse or storage drive or a cooling stand would make useful gifts.
  • Colognes and Perfumes – Make your husband’s New Year a fresh and fragrant one by gifting him cologne or perfume for the occasion. The market is flooded with options in various price ranges. You are the best judge of whether he would prefer a musky scent or a fruity and light one. Choose a one that would stay even end the end of a long day soothing his nerves as a sudden whiff of air brings the scent to his nose.
  • Bar Tools – If your man enjoys his drinks and likes to flaunt his bar cabinet when he entertains guests at home, consider sprucing it up by adding a cool gadget or two. It could be as simple as a set of shiny and sleek set of steel coasters with coordinating ice basket, bottle opener, cork screw and cocktail shaker; or something as delicate and dignified as gifts of crystal like decanter, set of stirrers, glasses or bottle stoppers.
  • Engraved Accessories – Gifting elegant or classy accessories for your man will be a firm step in boosting his personal style statement this New Year. A watch or a genuine leather belt or wallet never goes out of style. If you can have his monograms or both of your initials engraved on the gift items, a simple object will turn into a unique and special one. If you are the artsy kind, you may consider embroidering his monogram or initials on a solid colored tie or a set of men’s handkerchiefs.
  • Sports Gear – If your husband is a sports buff or fitness freak, a gear that matches up to his interests would be a good investment that he would appreciate for years to come. Apart from bats, racquets or clubs (depending upon which sport he favors), you can also invest in a good pair of specialized shoe for the sport he plays. Exercise equipments would get his New Year started on a healthy note.
  • Cell Phone or its accessories – The market today is abuzz with a wide range of smart phones in a wider range of prices. If your husband has not upgraded his phone within a year or so, chances are a more updated phone has been launched in the market in the meanwhile. See his face breaking into a broad smile when you gift him a smart phone that addresses his needs. In case he has just upgraded his phone consider buying an accessory for his new toy – like a Bluetooth headphone device, a personalized phone case, a stylus or a car charger to recharge his phone on the go.
  • Books, DVDs or subscriptions thereof – If your husband is a man who likes to explore in this mind, the world of books is something that would allure him. With books he can travel with his mind’s eye, gather information on a subject of his liking or simply spend some gala time. If he is more into electronics, an e-reader would make a great gift for all his e-books. Or you may even consider gifting DVDs for his viewing pleasure. Depending on his personality, you may choose the type of DVD to gift.
  • Car or its accessories – For that special man in your life, in the special time of the year, you probably might get into the mood to splurge. If there’s a new car your man has been eyeing for a while, or if there is a new one on the roads that you know he shall adore, you can consider gifting it to him. If this seems a little beyond your budget, gift him accessories for the car he already has — a navigator, a music system, in-car DVD player, tire pressure gauging device, and so on.

New Year Gift Ideas
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New Year Corporate Gift Ideas

New year a time to celebrate the usherance of another eventful year marked with different festive activities all the day. It’s the perfect time to wish your colleagues,employees and fellow co workers a prosperous new beginning and good luck.

New year corporate gifts is an acknowledgement of the year long service one receives and gives to his /her corporate organization. Corporate gifts on other hand stands as a gesture of good will and commitment in the long run.With the changing new demands corporate gifts have moved away from its stereotyped shrug of being a mere thanksgiving present.

New year mutual corporate gifts now offers many innovative and friendly packages of premium life style sharing. While choosing for a corporate gift one is lot more careful as satisfaction of the recipient and usability are taken into account.

Some of the popular new year corporate gifts include —‘ crystal-studded cufflinks’; hand-blown glass items, sculptures, craft carvings and leather accessories. New year gifts for corporate bonds vary from person to person depending on the proximity of the relationship shanavy between the employer and fellow workers. A personalized message in recognition of his /her service surely motivates and values the importance of the workers to the organization

Since new year is a time of great feasting, arrangements for a lavish party with live music would surely enhance new year celebration in the office premises. So, try out these special new year corporate gifts to express your corporate client relationship in a better way-

1. Beautiful Desk sets with classic pen holder.

2. Special sky lined Martini glass with creative designs

3. .Innovative business card case.

4. Elegant dimensional snow globes with a rotating base.


New Year Gift Ideas
For Her For Him For Girlfriend
For Boyfriend Baskets Chinese
Corporate For Husband For Wife
For Men For Women Japanese
Jewish Personalized Vietnamese

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

You are welcoming your Chinese friends over the New Year party then why not surprise them by presenting Chinese New Year gifts. The best way to bring happiness on your loved ones face is by giving them something which is very close to their heart. Your China friends would love to receive personalized New Year gifts.

Spread happiness, luck and longevity by giving traditional Chinese gifts to all your loved ones. The excellent way to show your love and affection is by giving them Chinese New Year gifts and showering blessing everywhere.

Popular Chinese presents on New Year

Money plant – The traditional Chinese families would love to receive the bamboo plant which is popularly known as the money plant. It has leaves which looks like Chinese gold ingots which were used centuries back. The branches of this tiny plant are twisted to avoid the bad vibrations and embrace the good ones.

The Chinese traditions believe this plant as a good omen. It brings happiness and prosperity. The bamboo is considered a strong plant that symbolizes endurance. It means it can sustain any kind of hardships. Among the New Year gifts in Chinese tradition; money plant is the best option.

The bamboo signifies strong character and from this you can draw inspiration to face the challenges of life. Exchanging money plant is considered very auspicious in Chinese tradition.

Pineapple – The fruit which is one of the very popular Chinese New Year presentations is known as “ong lai”. Pineapple is treated as very auspicious fruit as, it signifies prosperity and makes a wonderful New Year gift for Chinese.

Pineapple is the fruit of welcoming good luck and wealth; this is reason this is shared as New Year presents.

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas


Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

Peach Blossoms – Wish your Chinese friend good luck and prosperity by giving peach blossoms as New Year present. Lasting relationships are believed to happen when you get or give peach blossoms on New Year eve.

Peach is known as ‘tao’ in Chinese and it signifies romance and relationships. It is also exchanged during the Valentine’s Day. Give this beautiful token of love to your beloved as Chinese New Year gifts.

Bottle Gourd – It might sound a little funny to give bottle gourd as New Year present but, the traditional beliefs of China find it very lucky. The bottle gourd is not just a vegetable but, symbolizes wealth. It signifies longevity.

This gift is painted or engraved with auspicious wordings and kept for display. This usually placed near the prayer area and is considered to wave off the harmful negative vibes from home. The gourd acts like a guard to the people staying the house and it removes the “chi” to promote betterment.

Chinese Gifts for New Year


  • Chinese Tea Sets & Mats
  • Chinese Calligraphy WallDecor
  • Longevity Icon Cushion Cover
  • Everlasting Fortune Lantern
  • Double Dragons Seal Carving
  • Traditional Chinese Bottle Covers
  • Fan Shaped Four Treasures Calligraphy Set

Wish you a wonderful New Year and hope you find the best Chinese New Year gifts for all your friends in china.


New Year Gift Ideas
For Her For Him For Girlfriend
For Boyfriend Baskets Chinese
Corporate For Husband For Wife
For Men For Women Japanese
Jewish Personalized Vietnamese