Henry Livingston, Jr. is known for his light verses that are full of good vibes, and the “1819 New Year’s carriers address” is no exception.

Well a New Year should begin with good vibes, and as such we, at 123NewYear, thought of bringing before you this beautiful poem to start your new year with a sense of contentment and goodness. We thought this poetry by Henry Livingston, Jr. is perfect to begin your New Year with because of the fact that this instills in you the faith in the simple pleasures of life.

New Year is the time to connect with your soul and also your near and dear ones. This simple poetry reminds of the treasures that life has to offer – treasures we often tend to forget in our race to fulfill our high ambitions. Home and hearth, warmth and love, affection and care – perhaps these are all your soul needs to feel contented all through the year, and not much more.

1819 New Year’s Carrier’s Address

Believe me, dear patrons, I have wand’red too far,
Without any compass, or planet or star;
My dear native village I scarcely can see
So I’ll hie to my hive like the tempest-tost bee.
Hail home! sacred home! to my soul ever dear;
Abroad may be wonders but rapture is here.
My future ambition will never soar higher
Than the clean brushed hearth and convivial fire;
Here I lounge at my pleasure, and bask at my ease,
Full readily sooth’d, and desirous to please,
As happy myself as I happy can be,
I wish all the circle as happy as me.
But hark what a clatter! the Jolly bells ringing,
The lads and the lasses so jovially singing,
Tis New-Years they shout and then haul me along
In the mdist of their merry-make Juvenile throng;
But I burst from their grasp: unforgetful of duty
To first pay obeisence to wisdom and Beauty,
My conscience and int’rest unite to command it,
And you, my kind PATRONS, deserve & demand it.
On your patience to trespass no longer I dare,
So bowing, I wish you a Happy New Year.

– By Major Henry Livingston, Jr.

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