Want to express you affection to God on New Year? The Christian New Year poems are the most meaningful and religious way of conveying New Year greetings to all your loved ones.

This is very beautiful expression to move closer to God and start the year on a prayer note.

New Year is the time of saying thanks to almighty and asking him to render peace and harmony for the coming year.

You can read these Christian New year poems on the new year eve and impress everyone.

You can take up these poems rather, reading the prayers on the new year eve.

Here are some fantastic Christian New Year Poems. So, go ahead and feel the warmth of these stunning poems.

1.The New Year– Martha Snell Nicholson

Dear Lord, as this New Year is born

I give it to Thy hand,

Content to walk by faith what paths

I cannot understand.

Whatever coming days may bring

Of bitter loss, or gain,

Or every crown of happiness;

Should sorrow come, or pain,

Or, Lord, if all unknown to me

Thine angel hovers near

To bear me to that farther shore

Before another year,

It matters not—my hand in Thine,

Thy light upon my face,

Thy boundless strength when I am weak,

Thy love and saving grace!

I only ask, loose not my hand,

Grip fast my soul, and be

My guiding light upon the path

Till, blind no more, I see!

2.New year– Mary Fairchild

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution

Consider committing to a biblical solution

Your promises are easily broken

Empty words, though earnestly spoken

But God’s Word transforms the soul

By His Holy Spirit making you whole

As you spend time alone with Him

He will change you from

3.A New Year With The Lord– M.S.Lowndes

A new year is about to unfold

With new opportunities to explore

Doors will open for new experiences

New adventures with the Lord

Remember not the former things

The things of this past year

The Lord will do new things in us

Much more than we are aware

For He will make a way for us

As we put our trust in Him

And He will guide our every step

By His presence we have within

What God has placed within our hearts

We find we’ll be able to do

If we look for the opportunities

We’ll see the door to go through

We mustn’t let anything hold us back

But rise up and take our place

And be all that God wants us to be

With a fresh touch of His grace!

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