New Year is the time when everyone’s heart fills up with hope about a better tomorrow.

It is the time when the world is all in praise about the upcoming year and spins their hopes and aspirations around it, the expectation is that no matter how high the world pins their hope the new year would keep up to it.

However, time takes its natural progression – each New Year sees its fair share of ebbs and tides. It is then that the same world becomes the ferocious critics of the same New Year they have been going gaga over before a couple of weeks.

In the poem When the New Year by RG Gregory, the poet reminds that people should try to always keep up to their words in their actions too. The poet also is perhaps trying to remind the world at large about the virtues of patience and perseverance, and also of standing by life through the thick and thin.

when the new year
came out of nowhere
and peeped into rooms
it was so flattered to find
all the tv’s drinking its health
praising its innocent appearance
it responded with its warm
dark smile and went round
filling people’s dry hearts
with joyover the coming weeks though
those same tv’s attacked it
criticising its puerile style
its sickly contemptible face
one year is the same as another
(they said) for the doom
time belabours us with
it took the year all
its length to discover
that the celebration
so welcoming its birth
just happened to be
where the beer was

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