“A New Year’s Gift” by William Strode naturally makes to the list of New Year poems as listed by the team at 123NewYear because of the sheer positive vibes that it exudes.

The poet years for advent of such a New Year in which people would be able to look beyond their personal gains and aspire to would bring good to the community at large.

The poet believes that to get something you should also be willing to give – if you want to welcome positivity in your life you shall first have to spread positivity around you. The poet also gets philosophical in his approach when he goes on to say that perhaps in a couple of week’s time people would find the New Year to be just an extension of the year gone by, but what would remain is your acts and virtues of goodness.

Well, isn’t this what all our hearts’ intent should be at the onset of a New Year? We think so; and you?

“We are prevented; you whose Presence is
A Publick New-yeares gift, a Common bliss
To all that Love or Feare, give no man leave
To vie a Gift but first he shall receave;
Like as the Persian Sun with golden Eies
First shines upon the Priest and Sacrifice.

Ile on howere; May this yeare happier prove
Than all the Golden Age when Vertue strove
With nothing but with Vertue; may it bee
Such as the Dayes of Saturnes Infancy.
May every Tide and Season joyntly fitt
All your Intents and your Occasions hitt:
May every Grayne of Sand within your Glass
Number a fresh content before it pass.
And when success comes on, stand then each howre
Like Josuah’s Day, & grow to three or fowre:
At last when this yeare rounds and wheeles away,
Bee still the next yeare like the old yeares Day.

– By William Strode

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