Festivals are one of the most important occasions for parents to spend quality time with their kids. One such significant traditional holiday for the people of China is the Chinese New Year when everyone eagerly awaits so as to be with their near and dear ones.

People start making preparations well in advance to usher the spring and bid adieu to the winter with the Chinese New Year.

Besides making arrangements for all the celebrations surrounding the New Year, one thing that most people rank top in their priority list is to share the day with their kids. No parent likes to miss out on special moments of love and playfulness with his or her little ones on this day. Chinese New Year Activities for kids are commonly organized to keep the little kids engaged and entertained on the big day.

Often coming up with new ideas for children’s events and games is a tough task given that it is not easy to keep the little ones engaged for long hours. Catching the attention of young kids requires one to arrange such activities that would help the little ones to stay distracted from being mired in mischievous activities or throwing up tantrums to make things difficult for their parents.

Innovative and creative fun ways to make the environment playful and entertaining for kids can make the magical night of Chinese New Year wonderful. Here are a few fun activities for kids in Chinese New Year that one can indulge in with children and make the New Year’s even more memorable.

Craft making

You can indulge in making colorful craft projects that can bring a smile on the faces of kids. It will also engage their minds in learning new crafts that can be very well used as decorations as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Arranging craft making competitions is another good idea to test the competitive spirit of children gathered in a place for New Year celebrations. Craft making is something that most kids enjoy and giving them the task to make a beautiful craft work out of simple things would sure ignite their imaginative minds and make them busy for hours on the big day. Adults are sure to be amazed when they find the end-result of the craft making projects handed to kids as they are most likely to put to use some brilliant ideas and novel thinking into making their crafts. However, be cautious when you ask the kids to make crafts and make sure that you do not handover items that can be potentially dangerous for them. Be around kids to make sure that they do not cut their fingers when using scissors or knife for craft making or do not burn anything when playing with candles for crafting out a beautiful piece of handmade art.


One of the best ways to keep the kids entertained in a Chinese New Year Party is to organize fun games. Children love to be a part of all sorts of games and arranging mind-testing or playful games will only add to the spirit of festivity and cheer surrounding the Chinese New Year celebrations. Arrange for games depending on the age of the children participating in the game. You can keep mental teasers such as word search, find the clue, charades, memory power and so on as games for the Chinese New Year kids party. It would be nice to keep exciting prizes for the kids so that they enjoy playing more and can leave happily during your Chinese New Year celebrations party. Make your New Year’s night more memorable by organizing fun games for kids.

Dance shows

Children these days are born with dancing talents and they need no coaxing or even pushing when it comes to dance. Get some groovy music and ask the children in your Chinese New Year party to join you for a round of electrifying dance. You can also hire a popular DJ that can amuse kids with his stiff of music and encourage them to come on to the dance floor to show their funny, little steps. Adult guests are sure to have a whale of a time when they watch the children perform amazingly well on the dance floor.

Magic show

Children are always a big fan of magic shows and what better way to keep them engaged and fully entertained during Chinese New Year celebrations night by arranging for an excellent magic show.


Arrange for firework display in an open space and call out all the children during your Chinese New Year celebrations night to join you outside to capture the spectacle of sky being lit up in vibrant colors. Children are sure to love the sight of the fireworks erupting and filling up the sky with its dazzling sparks.

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