Chinese New Year is the most important festivals in China. People celebrate this festival with their families and friends.

Chinese people spend and enjoy the festival with feasts, fireworks, and exchanging gifts and these are their favorite Chinese New Year activities.

Chinese New Year is a 15-day holiday. It starts with the first of the occurrence of a New Moon and ends with the Lantern festival after 15 days, when the moon turns fuller. The date of Chinese New Year varies every year, because Chinese people follow a lunar calendar.

Chinese calendar goes with the 12-year form and each year is associated with an animal. Among the various Chinese New Year activities, there are some activities, which are very popular. Given below is the detailed description:

    • Chinese New Year Spring cleaning: Before Chinese New Year, people clean their houses. It is a must-do job before New Year. If you do not sweet the house before New Year, you will sweep the good luck for you and your family for the next one year. They clean their house, assets, and belongings to welcome the New Year and this is one of the most important activities before New Year. They decorate their houses with lucky charms and most of them are of red color.

Chinese New Year Activities

Chinese New Year Activities


  • Chinese New Year dinner: No matter, where they live, all the family members gather at one place to have the New Year dinner. The customary dinner is also known as reunion dinner. The dinner is not only important for the family, but also for the customs. According to the tradition, some families arrange for steamboat dinner while some arrange for elaborate dinner. The steamboat dinner is a special dinner, which consists of a big bowl of soup at the center and food items like shrimps, crabs, fishballs, pork, vegetables, fish, chicken meat, and meatballs are put into the soup for further cooking.


  • Chinese New Year Story telling: This activity is mostly popular with the children. The elders of the family tell them about the Chinese New Year stories. One of the most famous stories is the association of animal names with each year. According to the myth, Lord Buddha had invited all the animals for New Year celebrations but only twelve animals (Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat (or Sheep), Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig) turned up. Lord Buddha decided to reward them and thereby name each year after their names.

Apart from these activities, there are a number of Chinese New Year activities, which they follow religiously. For example, gift exchanging is an important activity, which Chinese people do during New Year celebrations.

Chinese New Year

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