One of the most notable events in a Chinese Lunar calendar is the Chinese New Year. Festivities are performed on a grand scale in China. However, it is not the only country where the festival is observed with pomp and glory.

People in China, Asia and many other parts of the world, especially those with significant Chinese population celebrate the start of the brand new year on the second new moon after the winter solstice.

The significant size of the Asian population in the United States also makes the Lunar New Year one of the most celebrated festivals in the country. If you are in Boston then you can catch some spectacular festivities and observe all the traditions, rituals and customs to welcome the Year of the Rooster in 2019.

A major highlight in Boston during the celebrations of the Lunar New year is the Boston Chinese Lion Dance Parade. In 2019, it will be held in Boston’s Chinatown and would mark the beginning of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Parades are not a new concept for the people of Boston as they are familiar with the lion dance tradition. The roots of this observance can be traced back to thousand of years. It is one of the most colorful extravaganza where people from diverse community and interest groups partake, representing the rich Chinese cultural heritage in Boston.

The main objective of taking out the procession during the Chinese New Year festival is to share the rich culture with people who are less familiar with it and to awaken the local Chinese population and promote awareness about their community. Vibrant floats, dance troupes, martial art performers, Kung Fu performers, lion dance artists, musical performers and other artists take on to the street to weave a magical spell with the display of their art forms. Children as well as the adult spectators dance in tune to the beat of the drums, gongs and musical instruments being played out by artists taking part in the parade. There are no charges for attending the parade. Spectators throng the parade route to witness the amazing spectacle and capture the beautiful sights and sounds.

People in Boston can also attend the Lunar New Year weekend festival in 2019 to enjoy the significant festival of the Chinese calendar. Folk dancers are called in to entertain and amuse the crowd. Spectators can also witness traditional Chinese yo-yo performances, popular craft making and art activities along with interactive snake presentations. Colorful dance troupes are one of the major highlights of the weekend festival. Audience can also listen to interesting folklores, legendary tales of the Chinese New Year. Melodious songs and traditional rhymes are being played out as part of the festivities during this time.

Fireworks light up the Boston skyline during the Chinese New Year day. Streets come alive with snake and dragon dances, martial art performances, cultural extravaganzas, and musical nights. Enlivening atmosphere and observance of several rituals associated with the Chinese New year festival by the people in Boston makes one feel that they are not far away from China.

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