Chinese New Year is perhaps one of the best times to spread love, joy and cheer. It is the right occasion to celebrate with friends and family.

For many who do not get chance to spend too much time with their loved ones, the Chinese New Year also presents a chance to express their emotions, gratitude, your care, love and deep feelings towards their people.

One of the best ways of doing so is to dedicate sweet and thoughtful Chinese New Year blessings that can make someone’s day. Here is a wide range of Chinese New year greetings from our collection that can help bring a sweet smile on the faces of your loved ones.

    1. May you be blessed with abundance of happiness and good cheer all round the year!


    1. Hope the Chinese New Year brings you prosperity and success from all corners.


    1. Here’s a small prayer to God that he always takes care of you and fulfills your wishes in the year ahead.


    1. As another Chinese New Year begins, it brings with it the best of all the things that life has to offer.


    1. Some days may be great, some may not be too good, but keep the faith in stead this Chinese New Year.


    1. Wish you get desired success in all your endeavors and achieve your targets in this Chinese New Year.


    1. Bury the bad memories of the past,Defeat the evils of last year so that they would not

      Trouble you in future

      And enjoy the present to make it another memorable year.



    1. Here’s hoping that you discover the treasure trove of happiness and confidence in the year ahead.


    1. May god’s supreme power be always be at your side to help you stay away from pain!


    1. Hope the Chinese New Year 2019 is another chance for you to set the wrong things right and to achieve the milestones!


    1. As you embark on a new year, I pray to God that you be blessed with all things nice and beautiful!


    1. Its time to set new goals, weave new dreams and plan new ways to fulfill the promises of the past


    1. Let not the negative forces inside you rear their ugly headsBury the demons of the past
      To start a new journey
      Filled with hopes and promises of a better tomorrow

      Happy Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year Blessings

Chinese New Year Blessings


    1. May your life be filled with wealth, good health and success through the year ahead!


    1. Hoping that you always be guided by the wisdom and faith in everything you pursue!


    1. When you set out on a new route this Chinese New YearAlso spare a thought for those who are less fortunate than you

      Make some time for those who need you beside them

      Tend to the needs of the unheeded and unheard voices

      And you may find a new meaning, a new joy of living life


    1. May God’s light always shine bright upon you to help you avoid stepping on the pebbles laid on your road to success!


    1. You are not alone in your prayers and I have prayed to God to give you all that you want for this Chinese New Year.


    1. It is said that when you carry the blessings of your elderly,You are gifted with abundance of happiness and cheer

      So here are my blessings on this Chinese New Year

      That you be bestowed with the best things you deserve


    1. May you get the strength to overcome all hurdles lying in your way to achieving your dreams this New Year!


    1. My warmest wishes to you and your family on this dazzling Chinese New Year


    1. May the year of Horse bring you luck, bright smiles and joy to your loved ones!


    1. As you ring in another Chinese New YearAnd start a new journey with new plans

      Remember that my blessings are always there

      To help you through the rough tides and

      Make way to your goals


    1. Keep walking even you face storms as stopping without gathering the courage to walk again would only mean defeat for your self and those who pray for your success.


    1. Sunshine always shines bright upon youRains drench you with love and wisdom

      Warmth of my feelings wrap you up in chilling winters

      And summers fill your life with merriment

      Hope you enjoy all the seasons of the year ahead


    1. A prayer blessing especially for you this Chinese New year to keep you safe and secure from all evils.


    1. Enjoy the surprises that life throws at you in the year ahead.


    1. Blessings of almighty be always be with you in this Chinese New year


    1. Start the Chinese New Year with hope and wisdom and you are sure to reach your goals soon.


    1. Blessings for you in this Chinese New Year and prayers that it turns out to be a wonderful one


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