Both Aries and Leo are Fire Signs. They make a dynamic duo who are both passionate and have healthy interest for loads of activities.

But then they are both competitive too and would not hesitate to consider each other competitors if interests clash. There will be loads of passion in the relationship for sure and of course not a single dull moment.

They would also nurture mutual admiration and respect. But then again they both have inflated egos and like to boss around, both have huge ego and self pride. There is a high chance that there will be some noisy differences of opinion between the two. Leo likes to be patted at the back and egos strokes – something that an Aries is the last person to provide with. This pair would spark magic when they are at their best but if the feathers are ruffled the wounds produced would also be very deep. But the best part of the relationship is the fun loving nature of the duo that would always keep them engaged.

Aries Man and Leo Woman

When an Aries Man and Leo Woman share the limelight the chemistry would be the very best. Both of them have a love for action and adventure and never hesitate to explore any option that life throws in their way, and sometimes even more. This mutual interest would make them companionable to each other as they would have interests to share. Both of them, however, also enjoy being admired by others and it can spark jealousy when things border around flirting. From an astrological point of view, this pairing is very powerful and potent.

Aries Woman and Leo Man

From the astrological point of view this match is considered to be as near to perfection as possible. They both have outgoing personalities and the desire to explore – this keeps them interested in each other long after boredom sets in other relationships – for they always have something new and innovative to present before each other. Leo gets stimulated by her intelligence and positive spirit, while Aries would be smitten by his romantic nature and generous heart. Aries would guide her man’s vulnerable ego with all her might, while Leo would gift his woman lifelong devotion and love.

Aries gives Leo the boost to charge ahead in life, while Leo gives Aries stability. A Leo always respects Aries’ need for freedom and also the fact that the Ram does not interfere too much in the partner’s life. The Aries, in turn, is attracted by the magnanimous character of Leo and the Lions great ideas and ideals. However, Aries may hurt Leo’s feelings at times by speaking the mind without an afterthought; while the bossy nature of Leo and the tendency to sulk may get into Aries’ nerves. In a romantic relationship, too much of power play can be detrimental – the relationship can thrive well if the partners can keep this under control.

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