Aries and Libra are directly opposite to one another in the Zodiac cycle. As such, one sign possesses the qualities that the other lacks.

This can either be complementary or contradictory, depending upon the attitude and dedication of the two people involved in the relationship. Aries is ruled by Planet Mars and Libra is ruled by Planet Venus; Aries is a Fire sign and Libra is an Air sign.

Both the planets are related to Love and Passion as the former attributes to universally recognized male traits while the latter balances with the complementary female traits. Air fuels the Fire and helps it to thrive well, while Fire puts the Air into the active mode. Aries’ fast paced impulsive lifestyle is balanced by Libra’s slow but steady approach to life. The common point is that both of them have a varied range of interests and this will help them to stimulate each other intellectually.

Hot headed Aries with rash actions may sometimes challenge the patience of the peace-loving Libra who prefers smooth approach to life. However, indecisive Libra may get the opposite boost from Aries who can take decisions at the wink of an eye. Also, these two sun sign would have a strong physical attraction between themselves.

Aries Man and Libra Woman

This match involves two individuals with a lot of friends and who love to communicate. However the approach to socializing is different. The man is exuberant, while the woman is calmly charming. The man does not hesitate to fight for a cause he holds dear to his heart, while the woman prefers a more peaceful approach to solve problems in life. His aggressive nature may disturb her equilibrium of mind, while her delayed decision making may make him feel irritated and angry. One positive point is that Libra’s love for peace would make her adjust to achieve harmony.

Aries Woman and Libra Man

In this relationship, the woman would take lead in action as the man provides her with intelligent support from the backstage. Both would get excited by new prospects, but the woman would like to take a more active part, while the man will be satisfied with even passive involvement as long as his grey cells are put to the right use. His protective nature would guard her from the pitfalls resulting from rash acts of impulse.

The relationship between an Aries and Libra can thrive only when there is a strong emotional character. There are certain characteristic traits that are so different that it seems it would be next to impossible to overcome the differences. However, sometimes the opposites can act as a balancing factor. Libra’s ability to think and envision the future would tame Aries’ acts of impulsiveness. Libra would be able to respect and pay heed to Aries’ sense of independence. When both the partners are willing to learn from each other, coexistence can never be difficult to achieve.

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