In a love match between Cancer and Aquarius, the former gets intrigued initially by the latter’s sense of excitement. The latter gets hitched due to the serene base the former can provide.

But with time the differences start to surface. Cancer finds it very difficult to cope up with the revolutionary and progressive Aquarius that Saturn bestows on them.

Aquarius feels a little stifled by the routine and tradition that Cancer likes to hold on to. Also, Cancer is a possessive lover due to the strong emotional influence of the Moon – Aquarius will not be able to appreciate that, while the latter’s outgoing nature may make the former jealous. Cancer is a Water sign and is pragmatic.

Aquarius is an Air sign and is explorative. The good part is that once these two determine that they want to stick together, there is nothing that can deter them. Aquarius will learn to enjoy the warmth of comfort that Cancer brings home, while Cancer will surely get intrigued by the novelty factor that Aquarius introduces to their lives.

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman

Cancer man is too practical, prosaic and emotional to gel with the indecisive and adventurous Aquarius woman. The man likes to hold on to his mate, while the woman is a little detached. The woman would have a lot of friends, although not many (or may be any) close ones, and the idea may not appeal to the possessive nature of the man.

Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man

This relationship would see a constant clash of desires – the woman’s desire for security and comfort, and the man’s desire for freedom to explore. Also the detached nature of the Aquarius will hurt the emotional Cancer. To the man, the woman may seem too clingy and this may further alienate him. The woman in turn would nurse a hurt that is deep for she feels ignored.

Aquarians love their freedom just as much as Cancers love security. Aquarians are always looking for new adventures and may neglect home base in quest of the new. Home is like a sanctum to Cancer. Aquarius likes moving from one thing to the next in a short span of time; Cancer has a more stable approach to life. Cancer is determined, Aquarius is stubborn. Cancer has an emotional but conservative approach to life, while Aquarius pines for the offbeat and has a little detached disposition. Cancer seeks warmth of camaraderie from Aquarius which the latter’s secretive nature cannot provide, and this sparks insecurity in Cancer. Aquarius is kind of a party animal, while Cancer likes to retreat to the cozy comforts of a small chosen circle. So a match between the two may just turn out to be a case of opposites attracting and getting attracted, and may require a lot of work to make it full proof and find a middle way.

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