The love relationship between Cancer and Capricorn stands on a strong platform of material and emotional security. Both the sun signs are conservative in their approach to life and value experience and tried paths.

Both of them are also hard working. Capricorn gives Cancer the required nudge to march on towards their goal – they also protect their mate’s tender heart from getting bruised. Cancer in turn would teach Capricorn to relax a bit, enjoy fruits of labor and cherish the memories. Both are determined to gift each other a stable cozy home environment.

Cancer is ruled by Moon (Emotion) and Capricorn by Saturn (Karma). The former exudes a warm feminine energy while the latter emanates cool masculine energy. Cancer is all about intuition and nurturing while Capricorn is all about integrity and discipline. Cancer casts a soft padding on the serious demeanor of Capricorn, while Capricorn imbibes in Cancer the capability to take harsh realities to their stride. When intuitive power meets hard work and dedication any goal can easily be achieved. The difference in their emotional disposition can complement one another if used right.

Cancer being a Water sign focuses on Emotions, while Capricorn being an Earth sign focuses on possessions. Together they surround themselves with beautiful things – both of them work hard for economic stability, while their love for fineries makes them enjoy what they work for. Above all, relationship to both Cancer and Capricorn is almost sacred, and they give their all to make it work.

Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman

In this relationship, the initial stage would be a rosy one. However, as time passes by, the Cancer man’s mood swings and easily ruffled feathers may frustrate the determined and iron willed Capricorn woman. Also, the woman’s short temper may hurt the fragile emotions of the man. However there will be a lot of mutual trust and affection as well.

Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man

Ambitious and strong willed Capricorn man always aims to fly high and worldly pleasures and status attracts him more than only emotion. Cancer woman may find it difficult to cope with the materialistic approach that the Capricorn man has towards life. She shall find that imbibing softer emotions in him is difficult. They need to spend quality time with one another to understand each other and bridge the differences.

When Cancer and Capricorn come together it is a union of determination and sincerity. Capricorn is down to earth and Cancer is emotional. Both of them are extremely loyal and dedicated. Also, they both set high standards for themselves and their partner. This means that although they shall have great respect for one another, they shall also have great expectations. Although there would exist a romantic chemistry between the two, a lot of expressive affection cannot be expected from Capricorn and this is something that Cancer may miss for Cancer is always looking for reassurance of love. On the other hand, Cancer’s extreme emotions and mood swings may at times make Capricorn feel annoyed. However, Capricorn would appreciate Cancer’s loyalty and persistence and Cancer would appreciate Capricorn’s dedication and strength creating thereby a connection that is successful, powerful, intense and secure.

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